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Electric (Stick of Honesty) Dreams

Previously on Alias: Rachel had sex with Sark, and instead of charging her for it, he gave her a freebie AND saved Jack and his ex-girlfriend from some sadistic jackass in a beret. Berets are stupid.

We get an extended "previously" segment to start things off. Desantis is shown, as is Chubby the Bruce, and the whole thing wraps up with Gordo's final plea to Sydney (right before Sloane offed him) in which he tells her that "they" have plans for her. And with that, we segue neatly into tonight's episode.

Syd's staring at herself in a mirror while some Chinese-tinged violins wind their way through the soundtrack. The color of this scene is faded out, so we can be pretty sure this is either a flashback or a dream sequence. We know it's not a Spanish flashback because it's not sepia-toned. Syd fills a kettle with water and puts it on the stove. Just then, Vaughn enters as if it's the most normal thing in the world and he wasn't pumped full of a bajillion bullets earlier this season. He puts some groceries on the counter and Syd asks what took him so long and he says there was traffic on Venice. Syd then gets this look on her face that's like, "Wait, aren't you dead?" But it fades away when Vaughn comes over and kisses her hello.

She then weirdly asks if Vaughn can check and see if there's something in her eye. He says there isn't, and suggests that maybe the contacts she wore on the Ireland mission irritated her eye. I'm not sure what any of this means or what significance there is, if any, but I'm transcribing the lot because you never know WHAT is going to come back around to haunt us later in the season. Case in point, Vaughn asks Syd what she thinks about orecchiette. Syd says she's never heard of it. Yeah, she can speak eighteen languages, run in high heels, and knock a man twice her size to the ground in seconds flat, but she's never heard of a Puglian Italian pasta that's delicious with a butter sage sauce.

Syd comments that she can't believe Vaughn can cook. "There are a lot of things about me you don't know," he says, chopping up some broccoli. "You clean, too?" she snarks. "Maybe," he returns. They chatter back and forth for a second and then Vaughn asks her if she's going to take a bath. She says that maybe they're BOTH going to take a bath and all I can say is, that better be one gargantuan bathtub if BOTH she and Vaughn are going to take a bath. Syd alone could fill a Jacuzzi here. Girlfriend's ready to BLOW.

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