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Electric (Stick of Honesty) Dreams

Meanwhile, Syd's still stuck in La La Land with her dead fiancé. She's dressed all in white and so is Vaughn and they're on a digitally enhanced deserted island. Anyone else wonder if, for just a second, a big-ass polar bear was going to slam out of the jungle? Just me? Okay, then. Syd marvels at the beautiful silence on the island. She takes his hand and says that she wishes they could stay like this forever. "They're gonna figure it out, Syd," he says. "Sooner or later, they're gonna know you gave 'em the wrong name." Ha! Those Project Christmas kids; you can't hypnotize 'em for shit. Vaughn goes on to say that they're going to keep after her until they get what they want, and he can't be there because they'll just use him against her. "I have to go," he says. "I know," she says. "We'll find each other," he says. "We always find each other." They kiss for the last time, and back in real life, tears fall down Sydney's cheeks.

We catch up with Jack and Élodie, who are in Hungary outside the building from Desantis's address book. He says the unit is on the third floor, and Élodie says the lease expired sixteen years ago. "Nevertheless," says Jack, handing Élodie a gun. They get out to inspect the place, and we head back to Syd in the Hypno Torture Room. Peyton enters and removes Sydney's wrist straps. Stupid, stupid Peyton; don't you know you're never supposed to unshackle a Bristow unless they're dead and bleeding from a gaping head wound? That's the only way you know they won't rise up and kick your ass. Peyton turns her back on Sydney for just a moment (yet ANOTHER thing you never do around a Bristow), giving Syd time to open her eyes and grab a nearby hypno needle. When Peyton turns back to Sydney, Syd slams the needle into Peyton's chest and she drops like a ton of bricks.

Back in Hungary, Jack and Élodie slam through a door with their guns drawn.

Sydney's making her way out of the Hypno Torture Room. I think we're supposed to assume that Jack and Élodie and Sydney are all in the same building and Syd's about to be rescued. Jack and Élodie enter the unit. Syd stumbles down a hallway and I just noticed that a door at the end is a door you would see on a ship, so maybe the director isn't trying to make us think they're all in the same building, because Jack and Élodie are very definitely on dry land. Syd keeps running. Jack and Élodie keep running. Running running running. Finally, Jack and Élodie come around a corner in the unit and…come face to face with the most disturbing makeshift nursery outside of Rosemary's Baby. There's no devil infant or bassinette covered in black netting and red satin, but it's just as alarming, nonetheless. There are blank concrete walls and floors and assorted generic-looking baby furniture and it just looks wrong, wrong, wrong. "Good lord," whispers Jack. You said it. At that same moment, Syd opens up a door and exits outside where a helicopter is taking off. She walks forward, the camera pulls back, and we see that she's on a huge ship in the middle of the fucking ocean with no land anywhere in sight.

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