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Electric (Stick of Honesty) Dreams

Suddenly, Vaughn cuts his finger and Syd mothers him and pulls him into the bedroom so she can bandage the wound. She kisses his finger, and he tells her she's going to make a great mom. She's not so sure. She goes to the sink and rinses her hands and says that her mom wasn't such a great role model, to which Vaughn replies that they should be thankful, then, since Syd is nothing like her mother. "You're not there yet, Sydney," says a man's voice from the ether. "Did you hear that?" Syd asks Vaughn. He didn't. Syd thinks it's the radio next to Vaughn. "You need to go further back," continues the hissing voice. "Follow Vaughn." Vaughn turns off the radio and asks Syd if she wants a bottle of wine with the bath. Um, no, stupid; she's pregnant. But Syd says it'd be great, and Vaughn and his extremely hot pair of jeans walk off to get it for her.

Syd turns back to the mirror and suddenly she sees herself in the reflection and her head is in some sort of hypno chamber or something and she has a bunch of sensors stuck to her. Then we get a Syd POV shot where she blurrily looks around the room that she's actually in. She tries moving her hands, but she's strapped to whatever this machine is. "Who are you?" she asks some guy in a white coat who's manning several computers. He hushes her and tells her to sit still. "We almost have what we need," he says, filling a syringe with fluid. "We just need to go a little further." Syd asks what he's doing to her, and he says he's trying to help her relax. Syd asks why and what he wants from her. "I just need to find a vein," he says.

Before he can, a distorted voice from behind a two-way mirror breaks in over an intercom. "Stop," it says. "Are you sure this won't harm the baby?" The doctor, who's played by Michael Massee, says that he's sure and that if Disembodied Voice wants its answer, it's going to have to let Massee do his job. If you don't know who Michael Massee is, by the way, then you won't understand why, the minute I saw him onscreen, I knew he was a bad guy and working for the wrong side. Dude was "Funboy," y'all. He's a bad, bad seed. Also? Kind of hot in a wrong sort of way. What? I have funny taste in men. Syd asks who's behind the two-way mirror but Dr. Funboy doesn't answer her. "If you hurt my baby," Syd says as the doc sticks her in the vein with his relaxation serum, "I swear to you, I will kill you."

We switch to San Francisco, two days earlier. Yeah, the "XX days/hours earlier" device is my least favorite and the most overused on this show, but this is the final season, so I suppose I can let it pass, you know? Anyway, Peyton's hanging out at a noodle stand left over from the set of Blade Runner. She has her eye on a door in the distance, and the second some guy exits the door, Peyton leaves the noodle stand and runs after him. She tails him for a bit and finally lunges at him and blabbles some story at him about how she's supposed to meet friends in the Mission District but she can't find a cab because nobody here speaks English because apparently, in San Francisco's Chinatown, it's customary for NO ONE to be speak the language of the country in which they now live.

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