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Electric (Stick of Honesty) Dreams

Peyton asks him what time it is and before he can tell her, she stabs him in the gut and steals his watch. She's a naughty little minx, isn't she? She puts the watch on her own wrist and enters the building the dead man just left. She heads down a hallway and accesses a secret panel that opens the red door at the end of the hall. Peyton enters the room behind the door and there's a guy across the way, sitting at a computer. He doesn't turn around, so he thinks Peyton is the agent she just killed. She accesses the dead guy's computer, does a search for "Agent Michael Vaughn," finds the server she's looking for, and slinks off to nab it. Meanwhile, the other agent is finally curious as to why his agent buddy is being so silent, so he heads off to follow Peyton.

She quickly locates the server with Vaughn's data on it and goes to work removing the outer panel so she can get at the data inside. Soon-To-Be-Dead Agent comes up just as Peyton's finished accessing the panel, but she's nowhere to be found. SDA notices something amiss at the server and he moves over to check it out, but Peyton comes up behind him and strangles him with a wire. She grabs the data she wants and makes tracks. Outside, Kelly gets on the phone and asks to speak to "The Technician." "This is he," says Desantis. "Were you able to retrieve Agent Vaughn's files?" Peyton says that she got the files and that she'll run the analysis and get back to him with the results. Desantis says he'll let their benefactors know the good news. Dead Agent #1 has been discovered by the noodle lady, and there's a ruckus starting up. "What's all that noise?" asks Desantis. "You know how it is," says Peyton. "Rough neighborhood." Heh. Especially for agents just trying to be nice to pretty young assassins.

And now is the time on Alias when we dance the hoochie coo. Git down. Whocka whocka. And all that sort of shit.

Hell-Lay. Our Lady of Perpetual Espionage Hospital. Syd and Jack are getting a tour of the maternity ward from Syd's OB/GYN. Syd mentions something about getting an epidural and the doctor says she can have one if she wants one. "Yeah," says Syd. "I'd like one. I'm not a big fan of pain." Heh. Jack asks if there's anything Syd needs to change about her lifestyle or work environment. "I'm sure her boss would be willing to lighten her workload if necessary," Jack says with a sideways glance at his daughter. Hee. The doc says something about it not being much longer now, and Syd says that her due date's three weeks away. The doc is like, honey? It's childbirth, not a tennis lesson. These kids don't always arrive on time, no? After telling Syd that if her water broke today, she'd deliver a healthy baby, the doctor exits, leaving Jack and Syd to awkwardly look at each other like, um, let's not bring the baby into the world just yet, huh?

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