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Electric (Stick of Honesty) Dreams

Prophet Five's Warehouse Loft of Hanging Cables. Peyton's hounding a bunch of computer geeks about what's on the Vaughn Files. One of the geeks calls Peyton over and asks her to listen to something. It's Vaughn's voice, discussing the time he met with Sydney to discuss the full scope of SD-6's operations. "She knows where it is," says Peyton. She gets on the phone to Desantis. He's incredulous that Vaughn shared whatever this information is with Sydney. Peyton says he did, but that it was several years ago, so Sydney may not remember. "That's of no concern," drawls Desantis. "An associate of mine will be able to refresh her memory."

Desantis says he'll forward Peyton the contact protocol for Dr. Funboy and that he's going to ask for a lot of money. She's authorized to pay him half and then tell the good doctor to meet Desantis at the Athena facility. "Then you're suggesting that we abduct Sydney Bristow?" she asks. "We've been searching for more than 30 years," he says, "and this is the closest we've come to retrieving The Horizon. If Sydney Bristow can tell us where it is, we must act immediately." Yet another "The" name, huh? The Alliance. The Covenant. The Man. And now, The Horizon. Man. There are permanent grooves ground into the soil around the well the writers keep revisiting.

Madrid. Syd's sitting on a park bench, waiting for Élodie. She arrives and tells Syd she looks beautiful. Syd tells her about Prophet Five making an investigation into Vaughn's CIA files, and asks her if there was any documentation that Vaughn left behind. Élodie says there wasn't; it was all in their heads. Neither Syd nor Élodie can figure out what might be in Vaughn's files that Prophet Five wants. Suddenly, Syd sees two burly men walking directly toward them. Way to blend, HENCHMEN. Syd and Élodie get up to walk away from them and Élodie directs Syd to a police station on the corner. The two henchmen suddenly draw their weapons in public in a crowded park because THAT'S not a CRIME or anything. Élodie orders Syd to go and then turns and throws knives into the henchmen's chests. Syd runs off, but a big black van screeches up and some dude in a black mask tasers her and she drops and he shoves her into the van and it takes off.

Élodie pulls her gun and runs after the van as a second van squeals up. She shoots through the window of the van, killing the driver, and it crashes into a parked car. She then pulls out another gun and empties both barrels into the side of the van. When she opens the door, she sees her fake father, Desantis, crumpled on the floor with a bullet wound to the chest. "Where are they taking her?!" she shouts at him twice as he just gasps and grimaces at her.

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