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Electric (Stick of Honesty) Dreams

Hypno Torture Room for Pregnant Spy Ladies. Dr. Funboy is explaining to the Disembodied Voice Behind the Mirror that he's just sedated Sydney with a propofol cocktail that should take effect in a few minutes. He's effectively forcing hypnosis on Syd so that they can access any part of her memory they want. He asks DVBM what it is he/she is looking for. DVBM isn't spilling; he/she wants proof that the technique works first. Dr. Funboy walks over to Syd and asks her name. She doesn't respond. So he zaps her with an electric pen or something. Yeah, that can't be good for the fetus. She gives him her name, and then he asks her to remember Michael Vaughn and he zaps her again with the Electric Pen of Honesty and it's kind of disturbing, actually, and all kinds of wrong.

Syd finally goes back in her memories and winds up at the night when Vaughn proposed and the Von Bristow Family Swingers flung themselves out of a plane in order to take down Clifford the Big Red Ball. Vaughn appears in a corner of the plane and strides toward her; Sydney is overjoyed to see him and almost seems to remember that he's actually dead, so none of this can really be happening. Vaughn repeats his proposal, word for word, and Syd holds up her hand with the engagement ring on it and says, "But Vaughn, we already did this." Vaughn's like, uh, what the? Syd wises up to the fact that none of this is real and that she's probably being held by Prophet Five and Dr. Funboy doesn't like that Sydney's totally resisting his Electric Stick of Honesty, so he sticks her again, some more, and Syd goes back to the beginning of the proposal, only this time, she's not wearing the ring. Back in the memory, Vaughn notices that Sydney's not wearing the ring, so he asks her again to marry him. Syd smiles and says yes and back in the real world, Syd's crying and Dr. Funboy thinks they've hit paydirt, so he asks DVBM what he/she is looking for.

Apple Store. Élodie calls Jack and tells him about Sydney's abduction. Jack fills in the troops and starts barking orders at everyone. As everyone starts scrambling, Jack mentions that Desantis was present at the abduction, which means that they may have wanted Sydney for some sort of medical procedure. "My god," says Sloane. "The baby." Jack says that Élodie has Desantis in custody, so he's going to meet up with her and cut off his ear because dammit! That's what he feels like doing! Dix asks if Jack wants company, but he wants Dix to stay behind and run operations until he returns. Also, cutting off ears is really solo work.

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