The Shed

Episode Report Card
Erin: F | 1 USERS: B-
"The Shed"? It's more like The Shit. And not in the good way.

None except Boobs, of course, who seems to have been only mildly hurt. Getty helps her out of the rubble as Syd comes shooting up the stairs as if she's only wearing a pillow underneath her top and not a fetus. Like, damn, girl! That was ten flights of stairs! You should be red-faced and napping by now! Getty tells Syd that Boobs is going to be okay and we go to the black screen with the Alias placard and I calmly whack myself about the head with a 2x4 because THE PAIN IS BETTER THAN WATCHING THIS SHITE.

Next on Alias: The entire episode revolves around Boobs McPhee, and I predict a three-page recap. Or a frontal lobotomy. Whichever is more entertaining.

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