The Shed

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"The Shed"? It's more like The Shit. And not in the good way.

The Office of the Dumbly Named Organization. Boobs walks in and proceeds to telegraph to anyone WITH EYES that she knows the truth about the place. The woman from the beginning of the episode shows up and states that she thought Boobs wasn't supposed to be in until later that day. The actress's name is Amy Acker, according to the boards, but I was never an Angel fan, so I had no idea who she was. I just saw her on Supernatural recently, though, and thought she was pretty good. Or, you know, I would have thought she was pretty good if I hadn't been so busy watching Jared Padalecki's fine, fine, FINE ass tromp through the scenery. Amy does a decent job in this scene, but she doesn't have much to do except pretend to act like a supportive friend/co-worker while Boobs practically shouts at her with her eyes, "I AM NO LONGER A SPY AND I KNOW YOU ARE BAD, BAD PEOPLE."

Boobs sits down at her desk and pretends to work while she's really accessing the server. Or something. There are a lot of excessive strings on the soundtrack and a lot of over-eyeball-shifting from Boobs. Back in the van, everyone waits to hear from Boobs. It's about that fascinating, yes. Boobs keeps copying the key as Dean shows up. She quickly hides the flash drive from view. Dean makes small talk about the book she lent him, Devil in the White City, and how he is finding himself sympathizing with the serial killer. Man. If Boobs didn't already know Dean was a bad guy, the fact that he finds himself identifying with a remote and coldly calculating man who used to murder women and flay the skin from their bodies and then sell their skeletons to medical universities might have been a good indicator that he's creepy as hell.

Dean goes on to task Boobs with a prep report or some such shit and she promises to get right on it. She then grabs the card out of the computer and tells Syd she's on her way. Before she can close the elevator doors, Amy Acker, whose character name is "Peyton," runs up and squeezes her way in, asking if Boobs is going for coffee. Syd tells Boobs that they'll do the pass right under Peyton's nose, all Boobs has to do is follow Syd's instructions. Getty throws on his coat and Syd's all, where do you think you're going? Getty's all, uh, duh, going with you. Syd's all, I don't think so. Getty's all, deal with it. Oh, and how do you say "you're welcome" in Czech? Outside, Boobs and Peyton walk along as Peyton pulls out a cigarette. Syd comes toward them, telling Boobs to have the credit card ready in her left hand and for god's sake STOP LOOKING AT HER. Heh. Getty rushes up and lights Peyton's cigarette as Syd passes by and takes the card right out of Boobs's hand. "Thank you," says Peyton in Czech. "You're welcome," says Getty in Czech. Heh. I'm telling you, I'm liking him. And I'm not totally hating Rachel Nichols either; I'm just not digging her character so far. They'll have to make her character suck a whole lot less for me to get into her.

Peyton makes a comment about Getty not being Boobs's type, and even though several people on the boards made comments about this sounding like Boobs was a lesbian, I'm not sure at this point. However, I would LOVE it if they DID make her a lesbian because then at least SOMETHING on this show would surprise me. Back in the van, Getty enters and says, "Remind me to ask her what that means, 'not her type.'" Heh. See? They're giving him some good lines and he's delivering them well. What's not to like? Marshall decodes the firewall key in seconds flat, and Syd lets Boobs know that she can open the access ports. As they enter the office, Peyton says, "That's what I love about our friendship: no competition." Oh. Okay. Boobs IS a lesbian. I mean, unless Peyton means that since she only likes tall, darkly brooding cigarette-lighting men and Boobs only likes hairy dwarves with eye patches, they're never fighting over the same kind of man, I'd say that this statement is pretty much a direct reference to the fact that Boobs pitches for the Pink Team All-Stars.

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