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Solution! We Don't Need No Stinkin' Solution!

Marshall's Office of Gadgets, Goo-Gahs, and Gregarious Gabbiness. Uncle Arvin enters and asks for the last bio-scan on Edward Poole. In case you don't remember, Edward Poole is that SD-6 guy portrayed by Roger Moore. Yeah, I didn't remember either. Right. So, Sloane enters and Marshall's fitzing around with some paper construction. Turns out it's a pop-up book that he's working on. He quickly shoves it away when Sloane enters and excuses it by saying that it helps clear his mind and Sloane can feel free to dock him any amount --

We're saved from further Marshall-isms by the computer screen producing the bio-scan of Edward Poole. No, I'm not really sure why this bio-scan is important, but I'm sure we'll find out. Apparently, Double-Oh-Geritol had two cellphones on him when he went through security. Again, no idea. Sloane mentions something about having one cellphone number for Poole and how he ran a tap on it but couldn't find anything on Kasineau. His thoughts are interrupted when he looks out into the SD-6 offices and sees a rather ominous-looking man strutting around. We know he's ominous because the Piano Chords of Ominous-Looking Men Walking Around SD-6 are heard. Sloane demands that Marshall get him the other cellphone number RIGHT NOW and leaves.

Ominous-Looking Man is hanging out in Sloane's office. Sloane enters and OLM says something about how difficult this must be for Sloane. "My wife is dying," says Sloane after consulting his palm with his nose. "She has lymphoma." OLM tells him that he knows all about it. "This isn't an issue of confirmation," he says. "No," says Sloane. "No. This is an issue of decency." "The time and date have been set," says OLM. Sloane springs out of his chair. "She is my wife!" he hisses, barely under control. Oooh! I just love it when Uncle Arvin gets pissed.

OLM is unfazed by this outburst. "I am not going to just sit back and allow you to eliminate her," says Sloane, gritting his teeth. OLM blathers on about how, when he joined the Alliance, Jean (remember that French guy Sloane killed in Montreal? Yeah, THAT guy) was his closest friend and mentor. He goes on to say that, when Jean was murdered, he didn't talk about "decency"; he just sucked it up and dealt. Sloane consults his palm again and says something about Jean's murder being a tragedy and how he's trying to prevent another.

OLM babbles something about the Alliance knowing about Sloane's disregard for policy while pursuing Kasineau and that a show of priorities on Sloane's part is in order. Sloane slowly gets up from his chair and says, "Are you suggesting that I allow you to kill my wife to enhance my standing within the Alliance?" They stare at each other while the Music of Ominous-Looking Men and the Wife-Killing Threats They Bring flows through our brains.

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