The Solution

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Solution! We Don't Need No Stinkin' Solution!

Newspaper of No Importance Whatsoever. Will's sitting at his desk, most likely surfing the Internet for pictures of a naked Jennifer Garner, when the mail guy drops off an envelope with Will's name on it. Will opens it and reads the enclosed note.

Next thing we know, we're watching as Will pulls up to some random warehouse district where Spy Daddy's waiting for him. "I work in intelligence," spits Spy Daddy. "That is all you need to know." Willraldo correctly assumes that Credit Dauphine is a front company. Spy Daddy tells Willraldo that they'll only meet when and where Spy Daddy decides and to never, EVER, under any circumstances, contact him.

Willraldo has the journalist bug, however, and presses Spy Daddy on whether or not "intelligence" means "SD-6." Spy Daddy's all, dude, let's go after this Deep Throat dillweed first, okay? Everything else will come later. "Does Sydney know?" asks Willraldo. Spy Daddy doesn't answer. "Jack," says Willraldo, sporting the first signs of an actual backbone. "Is your daughter a part of this?" "No, she's not," sneers Spy Daddy. Willraldo breathes a sigh of relief and Spy Daddy asks if he has a way of contacting Deep Throat.

"Yeah," says Willraldo. "Yeah. I have a transmitter. It's, uh, it's a pin. I found it in a box of stuff belonging to Eloise Kurtz." Spy Daddy contemplates this. Willraldo notices Spy Daddy's expression and asks him whassup. Spy Daddy informs him that he placed that pin on Eloise Kurtz. Willraldo starts thinking out loud and babbling on about how his geek friend said the pin was government issue and how Spy Daddy hired her to impersonate Kate Jones and how when Eloise Kurtz said too much -- good Lord! Willraldo leaps back about eight feet. "You had her killed!" says Willraldo, wondering why in the HELL he didn't bring along his Swiss Army Knife.

Spy Daddy tells Willraldo that he didn't kill her, but he bears some responsibility for her death, as does Willraldo. "Focus, Mr. Tippin!" Spy Daddy snaps. "Do as I instruct or more people will die." Willraldo tries desperately to shove his heart back down into his chest where it belongs and stammers something about trying to contact Deep Throat and setting up a meeting. Spy Daddy's all, dude! If you try to set up a meeting, you'll only tip the moron off! Contact him, tell him you know it was me who kidnapped your sorry ass and that you're terrified and then tell him that you're back on the story. "This meeting never took place," finishes Spy Daddy, getting into his car and peeling out. Willraldo just stands there looking scared and makes a mental note to purchase a box of Depends before his next meeting with Spy Daddy.

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