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Solution! We Don't Need No Stinkin' Solution!

Conference Room of Endless Expositions. Sloane's telling Dixon about Edward Poole and how he's a bad, bad man. Marshall pipes in about his cellphone-recovery venture but, before we can hear what hoogedy-boogedy crap he has to say, we're transported via splice cut to the Subbasement of Dreams and Desires.

Agent Amorous and Spy Barbie come together (no, not like that!) with these big grins on their faces. "I take it you've seen the news?" says Agent Amorous. "It's sorta perfect, right?" says Syd, all happy with herself. She wants to know if Agent Amorous has contacted the broker. Yup. It's all taken care of. There's this whole scene of give and take between these two about the set-up and, really, it's sorta pointless. Suffice it to say, Vaughn set up the black market meet and he asked for ten million for the Rambaldi solution, and then there's something about giving them the SAT phone and something about Spy Daddy disabling the SAT phone intercept or something.

Seriously, dudes? I have no idea what in the hell is going on. There's ten minutes left of this damn episode and I don't know what a SAT phone is or why it can be intercepted or what the -- oh, wait, Marshall's talking now.

Okay. Deep breath. Marshall says that he was able to intercept signals between Poole's phone and the COM tower and this somehow enabled him to get a tap on the phone and get a phone number being dialed. From this dialed phone number, SD-6 was able to run a tap on Kasineau's phone. Man, my brain hurts. Time for more vodka. Julio!

Back in the Subbasement of Dreams and Desires, Vaughn's saying something about hearing from the broker just this morning and that Kasineau's willing to pay double the asking price in diamonds. Syd wants to know if Kasineau's going to meet them. Nope. He's sending my Ewan McGregor look-alike boyfriend, Sark.

And back at the Conference Room of Endless Expositions, Sloane informs Dixon that they've downloaded the text of a conversation between Kasineau and Sark involving the ampoule of Rambaldi goop. Once again, we're back in the Subbasement. Vaughn says that the black market meet involves each side being allowed one principal and only two backups in the marketplace. Back with Sloane, he tells Dixon, "If they bring two, we bring four."

Back with Vaughn, he tells Sydney that when she and Sark meet, they'll both be able to test each other's merchandise. Therefore, Syd has to bring the real Rambaldi ampoule with her, along with a fake that contains a radioactive isotope that can be tracked via satellite. Thankfully, they're both conveniently marked with labels that read "REAL RAMBALDI LIQUID" and "TOTALLY FAKE RAMBALDI LIQUID," you know, just so Syd doesn't get confused or anything.

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