The Solution

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Solution! We Don't Need No Stinkin' Solution!

Syd's all, there's no way Uncle Arvin would kill his own wife. Spy Daddy's all, um, think again, sistah. The final decision won't be made until Uncle Arvin meets with the head of SD-6 security but, I'm here to tell ya, she's one dead mutha. "[Sloane's] the only one who can save her now," finishes Spy Daddy.

Syd slow-mos out of the conference room as generically drippy electronica plays over the soundtrack. She looks down the hall at Uncle Arvin, who's sitting in his office staring off into space. She speeds back up to a normal pace and enters his office.

"The time off I asked for last week?" Syd says. "I'd still like to take it. Would that be all right?" Uncle Arvin wakes from his reverie and asks where she's going. She tells him she's going to the desert. "Yeah," he says quietly, his eyes closing a bit. "Yes. Of course." Syd thanks him. "The desert," he says with a sad smile on his face. "Hmmm." Then he doesn't say anything at all and just looks completely broken as Sydney leaves his office.

Man. You know what? Ron Rifkin rocks my world. Like, he's this evil son-of-a-bitch but, in scenes like these, where he's all dealing with his personal shit, he's so, I don't know, sad and cute and I just want to gather him up in my arms and tell him it's all gonna be okay -- oh, wow. I just crossed over, man. I have officially lost it.

Excuse me while I summon Julio for another vodka and tonic and then order him to beat me about the head and shoulders with the remote control. Julio! JULIO! Another cocktail for Mistress! And bring the remote control! And this time, NO SHIRT!

Aaaah. Much better now.

Algeria: Land of Oil, Blue Men of the Desert, and Couscous. After our standard establishing shot of a foreign country that was most likely stolen from the Travel Channel's archives, we're at the museum watching Sydney speak in a hideous French accent to a bunch of Arabic-speaking Armani-suited men about testing their security system. Then we're treated to one of the mini-flashbacks where Agent A-Team is telling Syd that once they're in, they'll have to separate and Syd will have to go inspect the security grid and the exhibition space while he'll handle the shutdown from the control room. He shows her a special doo-dad in the shape of a pack of gum that will allow him to interrupt the security cameras for 180 seconds so she can work undetected. 180 seconds sure as hell isn't a lot of time, is it? Methinks there's a time-constrained action scene coming up soon...

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