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Mr. Sandman, bring me a clue

Jack fires up a video from a hidden camera that he placed while on the job. The video shows Lazaray greeting a blonde woman with a two-cheek kiss. He passes her, and she turns. It's Sydney. "This is how I knew you were alive," says Jack as Syd gasps. "You don't recall that man at all?" "No," Syd barely whispers. Then, as she watches herself on screen, her video blondeness pulls out a stiletto and slices Lazaray's neck from left to right, in a very similar fashion to one Irina Derevko. Syd in the present gasps loudly, tears springing to her eyes as Jack watches her carefully.


No, really. That's it. Promise.

Next week: Syd does some shooting. Vaughn says he lurves her. Or, you know, did. Now he lurves Mrs. Vaughn. And Syd gets to meet her. Heh.

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