There's Only One Sydney Bristow

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Erin: B+ | 2 USERS: C
Two Sydneys for the price of one.

Lisbon. A train steward who looks like he's stuffed two key limes up his nostrils and inhaled is patiently trying to explain to a Frenched-up Sydney and Will that they can't have a first class compartment. Syd and Will are working the awesome French accents and saying things like "commonerz," and "ah wud lahk to go to zee hotel," and "duz yer dug baht," and Will's accent in particular seems to be channeling Inspector Clouseau. It's brill. The steward gets cheesed off and yells at them in Portuguese and Will is all, "He darez speaks Portageeeze to us?" And Syd is all, "It izzzz a dead languaaage, yes?" Hee. Finally, Will shoves a sheaf of Euros at the man and lo, they get their first class cabin.

Once inside, Syd chastises Will for going over the top with his disguise, but he just tells her to leave him alone because he was on a roll. I agree with Will; he's at his best when he's over the top. Will boots up a computer and starts plugging stuff into it. Dunno what he's doing there. He glances at Syd and then starts to say something about his girl being back home waiting for him and depending on how this all goes...Syd cuts him off and tells him he's going to make it through this. "I'm not gonna let anything happen to you," she says. He looks at her blankly. "I know that." "Okay," she says. "Wait--what'd you think I was asking?" he says. She's flummoxed. "I...don't...I was just being supportive in case you thought you were going to--" "Die?" he says. "It's not important," says Syd, clearly chewing on that foot within her mouth. "What were you asking?" "I was asking you to be my best man," he says." "Really?" she says. "Yeah," he says. "Before I realized you had so little faith in me--you really thought I was gonna die?" Syd rips her bike into high gear and backpedals away from the damage she's created by getting all "gee whiz" on him and asking how it would work and if she would have to wear a tux. "You don't have to worry about it," says Will in mock seriousness, "'cuz you're not invited." Hee. Damn, his comic timing is impeccable.

Back to the task at hand, Will brings up the dining car on his monitor and they see Anna sitting at a table. Syd hits something on her watch and says that now she just has to keep Anna busy long enough to scan the detonation codes. "Incidentally," she says, smiling, "I'd be honored." Will shoots her a look. "Let's do this," he says, suddenly all business. Aw. After a CGI shot of the train going through a tunnel, Syd enters the dining car and plops herself at Anna's table. They engage in a little small talk about Will and he pipes up on Syd's comms to tell her that the scanner is working. Anna says they have to go somewhere private, so she and Syd leave the dining car. Will keeps Syd updated on the scanner's progress.

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