There's Only One Sydney Bristow

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Two Sydneys for the price of one.

Once in a baggage car at the back of the train, Syd pops open her case and shows Page 47 to Anna. "What I want to know is," says Syd, "why do you want it? We disproved these writings long ago." Anna doesn't give a damn, just as long as the check clears; it could be written in disappearing ink for all she cares. Syd asks for the detonator. Anna says she doesn't have it on her. Will says she's lying, because they wouldn't be able to get the scan results they're getting if it wasn't on her body. Anna goes to leave, and Syd grabs her arm, saying she's not letting her out of her sight. Anna calmly tells her to wait here, and Syd reacts by grabbing the page case and slamming Anna in the face with it. So much for "waiting," huh?

And then they fight.

After a few punches and kicks, Anna pulls out the detonator and hits a button and back in the room, a countdown appears on Will's screen. "Oh!" says Will, touching the back of his head. "Sydney! Sydney, my head's beeping!" Hee. Okay, that's not really supposed to be funny, but it totally is. Anna and Syd keep fighting. The detonator keeps counting down. Syd floors Anna and runs to pick up the detonator. Anna gets to her first and the detonator goes flying. Will's all, STOP FIGHTING AND KEEP MY HEAD BOMB FROM EXPLODING. More fighting. More fighting. Syd runs up a wall and spin kicks into Anna, which barely floors her. Then she wisely does one of those double leg mid-air kicks, and Anna goes flailing. Syd picks up the detonator and stops it with two seconds to go. Will breathes a much-needed sigh of relief.

"You still having fun, Anna?" gasps Syd. "You'll never beat me." "And you still don't understand the game," retorts Anna. She grabs the page case and jumps out of the car and hits a button, closing the doors. They're sealed shut. Anna leans forward and kisses the glass, as she is wont to do. Syd just pouts at her. Anna hits a button on the wall and suddenly this red stuff sprays out of the ceiling sprinklers. Is it blood? Is this Carrie? What the hell is going on? Syd careens around, looking for a way out, coughing and sputtering as the red liquid spills down over her and down a drain...into some tubes that are running into some sort of large tank attached to the underside of the train. The hell?

Anna gets on her phone and tells someone on the other end that they're collecting Syd's DNA right now and that the process has begun. She goes on to tell the person that they should have genetic samples shortly and that there should be no further delays. Oh, except for the delay that's going to happen right after Will here slams you in the back of the head with a fire extinguisher. Heh. Awesome. Will runs to save Syd. She's crapped out on the floor of the car, covered in the red stuff. He opens the emergency door and then enters the car and picks her up. "Anna, we have to get Anna," says Syd, still coughing. Anna appears and picks up the detonator. "I'm right here, Syd," she says, hitting the detonator's button. "Looks like you have about thirty seconds!" "Noooooo!" screams Syd. Then Anna flings the detonator out the window, and Syd and Will just FLY OUT AFTER IT. Like, never mind that they have no idea if they're over water or land. Oh no. Just jump! Something will catch your fall!

Fortunately for them, water does the job this time, and they plunge into a River of Convenience as Anna departs on the speeding train. Will sputters and splats and tries to get to the top as Sydney just...dives down and retrieves the detonator. Yes. Yes, she does. In the dark. In a foreign lake. After being stripped of some of her DNA. And after flinging out of a speeding train. She just, flies down and...gets it. And then she hits the button and Will is saved! They hug each other and Will says he's ready to go home.

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