There's Only One Sydney Bristow

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Two Sydneys for the price of one.

And with that, we head off to Casa de Willage, just as Anna Banana is pulling up out front in her big-ass SUV. She knocks on the door and Will answers. Will! WILL! Hi, pretty! Ahem. Excuse me. Will looks at Anna like she's the stranger he thinks she is and Anna holds up a badge and tells him that she's from CIA witness security and that his cover may have been compromised. Will pretends like he doesn't know what she's talking about, but he's kind of a bad liar. Not that we care because PRETTY. "Something's happened to Sydney Bristow," says Anna. Will immediately invites her in. No, Will! That's how the vampire gets its power! Once inside, Anna immediately notices candles on the table and place settings for two people. She asks if someone else is in the house and Will says no, but he is expecting someone. And Anna turns and shoots an electric taser thingy at him and he drops like a sack of dead gerbils. He writhes on the ground for a minute before Anna gets on her phone and tells someone on the other end that she has him.

And now is the time on Alias when we watch the commercial for Mission: Impossible III and wonder, "Haven't we seen half of those scenes somewhere before?" Also? Shut up, Tom Cruise. And in case I forget to say it later: shut up. Oh, and Scientologists? Before you even TRY and slap a lawsuit on me for saying shut up, shut up. You heard me. Shut up.

Apple Store. Jack and Sloane are filling Sydney in on Will's abduction. The second Sydney sees that Anna was responsible, she gets royally pissed off. Jack mentions that the government had no idea that Anna had been sprung, so this means that some high-level people were involved with her escape. The CIA's launched a full-scale investigation. Yeah. Because they're so good at catching people in their own organization doing bad stuff. Sydney doesn't trust anyone else to handle the situation, and Sloane is like, dude, we're not asking you to end your leave, even though he knows full well that Syd is totally going to end her leave to go after her buddy. Jack and Sloane yammer some info at her about how Anna's going to reveal herself soon enough and they'll catch her, but it's really pointless because Syd's totally going to end her leave to go after her buddy. There's a moment of weird awkward silence and Syd finally says that...she's going to end her leave to go after her buddy. Because, duh. "As of this moment," she says, "I'm back." Did I mention the duh? The Horns of Yes, We Knew You'd End Your Leave to Go After Your Buddy take us into the next scene.

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