There's Only One Sydney Bristow

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Erin: B+ | 2 USERS: C
Two Sydneys for the price of one.

Once there, Syd tells Marshall she's on the roof and then heads over to an electrical box, where she does some shit with a gadget or something. Marshall is then able to access the network and add Dix, Getty and Rachel to the A-list downstairs. They all enter without issue while up on the roof, Syd comes across a guard that she needs to get past. She tells Dix she's going to need a distraction and he comes through for her by immediately grabbing someone's drink and acting like a drunken asshole. He starts a fight with someone, and the guards are upon him instantly. One of them calls in Syd's guard, and he leaves, so she's free to enter the building.

The club is full of nubile young things half-dressed in the latest slutty fashions, but not one of them is as hot as Syd in her...double-layered tank top? Well, she is working the breast-feeding boobs, so I guess she's got that going for her, which is nice. Syd tells Rachel that she's in, and Rachel and her adorably perky hairdo put on a pair of shiny glasses and say, "Alright, let's find our boy." Getty and Syd put on matching pairs of the same glasses. Getty, Syd, and Rachel start scanning the crowd so that Marshall can get a read on the one dude in the room who has tons of cash on him; Semanko is apparently going to be making a large payment.

Syd steps up to the bar, and some short hairy dude walks up and asks if he can buy her a drink. Syd scans him and Marshall immediately tells her that the guy has next to nothing on him so Syd scares him off by saying that alcohol isn't good for breast-feeding. The guy runs off like his ass is on fire. Rachel scans the room and a big guy passes by her. Marshall sees a gun on the dude and tells Rachel to keep watching him. She follows him with her eyes and discovers three guys with guns and one guy with a hefty amount of cash strapped to his chest. That's Semanko. Syd tells Rachel to keep Semanko busy so that she can plant a sensor on him. Rachel walks up and smacks right into him like he's a big set of doors. She pretends to be pissed at him for knocking into her, and he throws some sweet-talk her way as she lobs back a flirt or two. Finally, Getty barrels up and grabs her and says something in Dutch as Syd sneaks past and sticks the sensor to the back of Semanko's shirt collar. Rachel fires back some Dutch at Getty and punctuates it with a face-smack and storms off. Heh. Syd makes it safely past as Getty says, "My apologies. My wife...she is...a bit of a whore." HAHAHA. Hee. Hee hee.

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