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Devices and desires

Newsroom. Will is folding up the Danny Hecht file, which looks horribly unorganized. I wish I could make fun of him, but his files actually look better than mine. Just then Will's mechanic calls and says that Eloise Kurtz dropped off her car and never picked it up. Will says he'll be right down to look it over.

Mechanic's. Will is searching the car. His cell rings. It's La Editress, and she's calling him to call him a kiss-ass for buying her flowers and leaving a card insisting that he didn't make up one thing on that story. Besides calling to insult him, she's also checking to make sure he's working on the soil-erosion story and not the story that dare not type its name. Will, like a magpie, has discovered a very shiny, hideous flower brooch. Will agrees with his Editress distractedly.

SD-6. The clock sits on the table. Sloane hands the floor over to Marshall, who's going to explain how various parts of the Rambaldi puzzle add up to a greater whole, or something like that. Marshall holds up the polymer disc, which was the golden sun Sydney got from the church in Malaga, inserts it behind the face of the clock, and sets the clock to 12:22. Or 2:22. My VCR recorded the sound a little fuzzily, so I couldn't hear it clearly. The clock starts ticking very rapidly, and Marshall hands a magnifying glass to Sydney. She peers at it, and sees what looks like a burning flame in the disc, with tiny pinpricks of brightness surrounding it. She asks what it is. Marshall, who is almost schvitzing in his excitement, says that it's a star chart -- a snapshot of the sky taken at an exact moment and from an exact place on earth.

Just then, Jack enters. Sydney shoots him an unreadable look. Dixon murmurs that it's like an ancient GPS system. Marshall says yeah, if you had the exact date and time of when it was taken. So, essentially, it's nothing like an ancient GPS system. Marshall says that the genius is that, separately, the two pieces -- the disc and the clock -- are ordinary, but together, they are mind-blowing, and that noise they're hearing, is, in fact, Marshall's mind blowing. I dunno about mind-blowing. Pretty damn neat and a nice party trick, and I'm assuming it's leading to something bigger, but honestly, what Marshall said about those two separate pieces could easily apply to a Rubik's cube or something.

Sloane says that if they can assume that the star chart refers to the date on the clock -- 16/16/23 at 2:22 AM GMT -- that the only place with that exact view of the stars is Mount Acancagua on the Chilean-Argentinean border. Sloane tells Dixon and Sydney that their mission is to find out if something is stored there. And, oh, by the way, Sydney, would you walk quietly to your own slaughter and see Carl Dryer before you leave? She and Jack exchange frightened looks.

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