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Devices and desires

Sydney. Electrodes. Test. Carl Dryer is one scary-looking guy: bearded, slightly weak-chinned, hooded eyes, and squinty, evil expression. Carl leads her through all the questions one might expect, and Sydney answers them quietly. Carl's hooded eyes flicker once or twice, but he doesn't say anything.

College campus. Blood drive wagon. Vaughn's telling her about the fancy camera she's to take for her counter-mission. Sydney is distracted and asks if there's a transmission window, although he just told her that. He says no, it's just point-and-click. Vaughn asks if things went well with the test. Sydney says she's not sure she passed, and that it took her twenty minutes today to shake her tail. Vaughn says that they wouldn't send her on a mission if she'd failed. Sydney says she doesn't think they have the results back yet. Vaughn says that while taking SD-6 down is important, her life is worth more, and that they can take her out. Sydney refuses, saying that a witness protection program wouldn't work for her, she can't live in hiding. Vaughn wishes her good luck.

Argentina. I don't know if anyone out there has read The Secret History by Donna Tartt, but there's this one funny part where she parses the name "Argentina," and it's stayed with me for years. Also, it's a great book, and I can't believe it hasn't been made into a movie yet. So there you have it -- more unsolicited book reviews from your friendly neighborhood recapper.

Dixon and Sydney pull up in a big Hummer. Hee. Writing that made me giggle. They're both wearing Banana Republic, but circa 1986, when they still made clothing that looked like they were outfitting Conrad-esque explorers who were actually going to banana republics. Sydney says they have a six-mile hike until they hit the coordinates. Dixon says there are easier jobs than this. Sydney has her hair in the most disciplined French braid I've ever seen -- even her highlights coordinate with the French braid. Also, she looks a little weirdly blocky around the torso. Is her shirt starched? Before they head out, Dixon gives a nice, but bizarre, speech about how proud he is of her, how she makes the job look easy, and how what he admires most is her courage, especially after Danny. He says that they do their job for the good of the country…and thanks. Wait. Isn't Dixon an agent, too? Is he about to kill her? Why would he give this speech? If Dixon turns out to be a bad guy, I'm going to cry. Sydney is touched, but a little perturbed.

Los Angeles. Newsroom. Will talks to some guy about the flower brooch he found. He says, "So it's a bug?" The gadget inspector -- who I'm guessing is the newsroom's version of Marshall -- says that it's a tarantula, and so far beyond available common technology that it's unbelievable. Will asks where you could buy this. Gadget inspector says you can't, that it's government issue, probably U.S. intelligence. Will looks thoughtful.

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