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Devices and desires

Dixon tells her that the key card is in the professor's pocket, and to get him to turn toward her so he can get a scan of it. Sydney affects a British accent -- which is at least passable, not execrable like her other attempts -- and tells the professor her foundation is interested in his work: the crashworthiness of transportation vehicles. Dixon feeds her the info after telling her to get the professor to face her for thirty seconds. Sydney spots Ana across the room, and her face tightens. Ana looks at her smugly. The professor says something about "today's economic climate" and Sydney says distractedly, "That is so true," as Dixon tells her that the card is ready. She excuses herself quickly; and the professor looks after her bemusedly. Gosh, I'm even writing this recap all British.

Dixon enters the room holding a tray of champagne. Mmmm, champagne. He passes Sydney the key card along with a glass. Sydney mutters that they should alert the guards that someone's trying to break into the engineering department. Dixon mutters back that that would alert the FTL guards. Sydney says that Ana is there. Dixon says he'll alert the guards. You know, the spy world must be really small. I wonder if they have a clubhouse, like the way the wolf and the sheepdog in those old Warner Brother cartoons would beat the crap out of each other during the workday, then get a drink together as soon as the whistle blew. Oh, right, recap. Whoops.

Sydney slips the key card from the napkin to her bag. Cut to Ana in a deserted hallway, bending over the unconscious professor and riffling through his wallet. She grabs his key card. Ana's dress has a slit so high that we can see things I think were only intended for her significant other and possibly her OB/GYN. She walks down a flight of stairs, only to be confronted by guys with guns. Without missing a beat, Ana says thank God that they're there, since someone's done something terrible to Professor Bloom. She then starts crackin' skulls. One of the guards goes down easily, but the other guy gets her in a chokehold just as Sydney passes by. Sydney smirks and raises her champagne glass, and Ana growls. Heh. Ana does something super-un-cricket and kicks the guard in the toolbox, then proceeds to just beat the crap out of him. I should probably just set up a macro for "kicks the crap out of _____."

Sydney runs to the door of the engineering department, still holding her champagne. She slips her key card through, and then tosses her champagne on the mechanism so it shorts out. Hmmm. I once spilled an entire cup of hot coffee on my keyboard, and it worked just fine (albeit a bit stickily) after I cleaned it up. I wouldn't think a measly four ounces of champagne would do much, but whatever.

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