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Devices and desires

Techno. It pulses, it throbs, it hums, it gives me a massive headache. Sydney opens the door and gets inside just as Ana runs up to it. She slams the door shut, and just like Ana in "Parity," Sydney kisses the glass. She gives Ana a sass-tastic "kiss my ass, sucker" look. Then Sydney gives Dixon a blow-by-blow of her progress, including spotting the Rambaldi artifact. Ana is trying to open the door, to no avail. I love phrases like "to no avail."

Ana, desperate, tries her key card -- say it with me -- to no avail. She starts shooting instead. It takes her a few bullets to shatter the glass. Sydney grabs the artifact and takes off through a window just as Ana busts the door open. Ana spies the empty box and open window and runs over to it, just in time to see the van take off down a rainy street.

City Of Angels And Spies. SD-6. Sloane is at his incredibly, frighteningly neat desk, writing something. Jack enters. He tells Sloane that Eloise Kurtz, a new promotion at SD-6, was found shot in Echo Park. Sloane says he knows. Jack says accusingly, "You retired her, didn't you?" Sloane plays the blame game and asks Jack why he sent Eloise to talk to Will Tippett anyway. Jack is forced to do a few exposition boogie steps, saying he sent Eloise Kurtz to talk to Will because Will was digging for info on Kate Jones. Sloane says Eloise Kurtz's lack of experience put them all at risk, as did Will's persistence. I think the real danger is actually Will's hideous bleach job, but no one's asking me. Sloane shakes his head and asks condescendingly what was Jack thinking using a junior agent. Jack snaps that he used Kurtz based on McCullough's assessment of her abilities. He said that he had contingencies, all of which are now…irrelevant. The Kettle Drums Of Doom almost miss their cue, but start pounding as Sloane asks how Tippett got a lead on Kate Jones in the first place. He stands up. For a man who's maybe five feet and some change, Ron Rifkin really does well at projecting lots and lots of menace. Jack says he doesn't know. Sloane says that his efforts notwithstanding, the reporter may be a casualty of his own curiosity. Jack says that he'd like to avoid having anyone else close to Sydney suffer an untimely death, and that he can get him off the story. Sloane asks what will happen if Jack can't get him off the story. Jack says that he'll kill Will himself. Oh, God -- don't tease me like this, ABC! I'm warning you. Sloane looks all twinkly and approving in a frightening way. He nods and walks away. Jack looks bewildered and a little bit scared.

Credits. Oh my God, just now, the credits? I thought we were, like, twenty minutes into the show.

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