Truth Be Told

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Truth be told -- over and over again

Credit Dauphine. Sloane gets a call. He says to let her in. Sydney strides in, just the epitome of -- you guessed it -- SASS, the Mueller Project under her arm. She drops it on Sloane's desk. "I'm back." So, apparently, are her teeth: her jaw is totally unswollen. She tells Sloane that "I'm taking a week off. I've got midterms." Does Joss Whedon get royalties for that?

Sydney walks. Music dramatically fades out as she walks into another Credit-Dauphine-type place. The Strings Of Strain start up as Sydney asks to speak to Devlin, and to tell him that he has "a walk-in." Dude, this is, like, the most solemn hair salon, EVER. The really cute, dignified woman -- she's so cute I want to squeeze her -- gets VERY serious looking and alerts Devlin's people as she escorts Sydney to an elevator. Camera pulls away in an overhead shot to reveal the seal of the CIA. Umm, so Sydney, with her bright red hair and her bloody mouth, just WALKED to the CIA? Why does that sound as phony as my dad's bad back?

Vaughn walks by with a bagel or something. Oooh! Michael Vartan. Yay, another cute boy! He's cuter when he's blonder, though. He takes the bagel and coffee into a room where Sydney is scribbling frantically as -- hey, it's Sean from Felicity! -- watches over her. His name is "Mr. Weissman." Sean actually looks completely like a G-man. Or whatever the nickname is for CIA operatives. Sydney keeps scribbling, and it's a nice touch of continuity with her scribbling in her exam scene earlier.

Vaughn's office. Vaughn walks in and adjusts a picture of him and a woman to face away from Sydney. He tells her this could be very interesting. She says, "Does that mean I'm in?" He tells her they still have to review and check her statement, since it's, "like, Tolstoy long." Michael Vartan sure is cute, but he seems a little...ah, sensitive to be in the CIA. I'm just sayin'.

Vaughn says that Devlin says it could take a while to verify, but that they could use "another double agent in SD6." They go through some rigmarole to show how smart Sydney is and how she knows that the CIA might try and play her. Also, Jennifer Garner's face is far more swollen and dirty here than it was before in her scenes with Sloane. She does a good job of looking worn-down, sad, and exhausted. Vaughn smiles and says that he's not trying to play her, that he has an instinct about her.

Fade to a cemetery. Sydney stands in front of Doomed Danny's headstone with flowers. More complaint rock complains. She mourns. I yawn. Bitchy Gay Chinese Friend says, "Girl? I am exhausted and going to sleep. Tell me how this ends. Or wait, don't. Because I don't care."

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