Truth Be Told

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Manimal: B | 3 USERS: A+
Truth be told -- over and over again

Danny says, "Would you stand up, please?" looking mighty cute and sounding awfully British.

BGCF: You know that "British and cute" just means ugly.
Manimal: Don't you think for him it just means "British and cute?"

Danny tells her, "I wanted to wait, maybe do it over the weekend, but I couldn't." There's some more expository dialogue about their first date at the bowling alley. I drifted off and didn't pay attention. The point is that they're young and way in love. Everyone got that? Good. Sydney mutters, "Oh, God," and suddenly Danny bursts into song. Not in a musical-style way, but in a "bellowing at the top of his lungs, trying to embarrass her" kind of way. All across the campus, people giggle and stop as Danny sings, "Build Me Up, Buttercup." The campus bells start tolling and Danny hollers, "SHUT UP!"

BGCF: That was kind of cute.
Manimal: You're so easy. Tramp.

Danny proposes. Sydney says yes. Jennifer Garner manages to look like one smitten kitten. They smooch.

Sydney at her best friend's house; they giggle and cry over the ring. In the tradition of Felicity, Sydney's best friend is a sassy black woman. Her character's name is Francie, but you know the poor woman is just going to be used as a plot device to show how hard Sydney has it not having a "normal" life, or, eventually, she'll be threatened/kidnapped to get Sydney to do something. Therefore, she only gets the title Best Friend from here on out. If she gets to have an actual character, she'll get a full name.

They kibbitz at the kitchen table. Best Friend asks if Sydney's going to tell Will; she says later, when they run at the track. They talk about how Sydney's dad would just ruin the news if she told him, but also how proud Sydney's mom would be -- so now we know that her dad's a distant, emotionally-withholding jerk and that her mom's dead. Sydney abruptly changes her mind and says maybe she should call her dad. Best Friend tells her that unless it's got to do with airplane parts, her dad's got no input, and to stop being schizophrenic. I'd also like to tell J.J. Abrams that same thing, because at this point I've completely forgotten the whole interrogation scene and I feel like I'm watching My So-Called Grad School Life.

Sydney tells Best Friend that her dad already knows, since Danny already called him to ask his permission. Best Friend gives her a level "oh-my-God-spill-it" look. What the hell? If Sydney already knows that her dad knows, why did we sit through two minutes of pointless dithering over whether she should call him or not?

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