Truth Be Told

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Truth be told -- over and over again

Danny winds up the message by saying that the world's a scary place anyway and he loves her too much to not be with her. Didn't Sydney make a huge deal about the secrecy of what she was telling him, deliberately taking him out to private places so no one could overhear? What part of "secret" and "you can't tell anyone" did he not understand? Are the differences between British and American English THAT big?

Danny's phone call gets traced. Sloane in his office receives the news of Danny's phone call. We're just seeing Darwinism at play here, folks. I personally am not too sad about What We All Know Is About To Happen.

Back to The Hunt For Red Mueller Project. Sydney finds and photographs it as Dixon times her progress. The techno music budget runs out here, because they throw in some MacGyver strings to supplement it. The video comes back on just as Sydney runs up the stairs. Generic Asian Bad Guy spots her, and Sydney fakes not being able to find the bathroom. He stops her and says menacingly, "This area is restricted." Sydney then adopts a Southern accent -- don't ask me why -- and whispers plaintively that she's been drinking, and that if her boss finds out, she will lose her job. She's pretty good at squeezing out the crocodile tears. GABG looks doubtful, but then buys her three-dollar-bill story and shows her the way to the bathroom. She tells GABG she likes his tie.

Sloane, looking dapper in his natty suit, says that Daniel Hecht has become aware of Sydney's job with the agency and that he must be destroyed. Well, not quite in those words, but basically. He then passes the file to -- DA DA DUM! -- Sydney's dad, who will henceforth be referred to as Spy Daddy. Spy Daddy says he understands, and that Sloane knows where his loyalty lies.

Airport. Dixon disembarks and is greeted by Josie and the SD6ers. He hands over the lipstick/camera. They ask where Sydney is. He says that she took a taxi, and looks suspicious at their interest.

Danny's apartment. The place has been tossed like a salad. Sydney walks in, looks aghast, then runs straight to the bathroom -- because, after discovering a break-in, most people feel an immediate need to pee -- and discovers Danny's body. Now, okay. Maybe this would've made sense if we'd seen from her POV that she'd spotted Danny in the bathroom. But we didn't. And it doesn't. Jennifer Garner tries to convey incredible pain and sorrow, but mostly she reminds me of the frustrated Cro-Magnons in Quest for Fire when they're, you know, questing for fire. She wails.

Sydney drives like a maniac to Credit Dauphine in her old-school Toyota LandCruiser. I hate SUVs in general, but I always liked the design of those things. She's covered in blood and mascara. Hey, that would be a good title for an autobiography, maybe of Tammy Faye!

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