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It's Always Been My Least Favorite Day of the Week

No longer in her Cuban attire, Syd is on the phone with Vaughn, telling him what the guy, an agent for the "Third Faction," told her about the large-scale attack. Vaughn says the hard drive should give them all the information they need. Syd asks Vaughn if he has any idea "how hard it is to maintain cover while salsa dancing in three-inch heels." Vaughn immediately says he does, but would like Syd to keep that private. When did he become not frowny and serious all the time? They flirt and giggle about whether or not Vaughn likes to dance, and Vaughn offers to take Syd out dancing, but then her ride pulls up and they hang up. As Syd's ride pulls away, another car starts up and follows them, along with the Piano of Trouble.

Dixon brings the hard drive into the Apple Store and hands it off to Mr. Technoguy. Technoguy plugs it in and starts working.

Syd notices the car following her, then turns to see a red laser dot on the back of her driver's head. Either someone is waving around one of those obnoxious laser pointers, or that driver is about to have some problems. It turns out to be the latter. As her now driver-less car careens out of control and gets knocked around by the bad guys in their car, Syd makes a rather half-hearted attempt to escape, which is stopped when her car runs head-on into a parked one on the side of the road. The bad guys pull up and drag her out of her car and into theirs. That was much easier than they probably expected.

Back at Apple, that hard drive explodes in Mr. Technoguy's face. Dixon is first on the scene, where an ominous-looking white gas is spraying all over the place. Up, up, up, it goes into the vents. Alarms sound and multiple TV screens light up with a "biohazard" sign. I must admire Apple's preparedness in this situation. Most of the places I work can barely be bothered to make fire escape plans. Although, admittedly, I've never worked for a super-secret spy organization. I think. ["…" -- Sars] Sloane and Jack are woken up from their naps. Dixon yells for medical people to come help Technoguy, who has got some serious chemical burns going on on his arms. With the peeling flesh and the unconvincing ethnicity-switching, this is looking more and more like the episode of America's Next Top Model I just watched. As Sloane and Jack emerge from their offices, big, heavy doors close, and it kind of looks like the opening to Mystery Science Theater 3000. Or, as someone in the forums pointed out, Get Smart. If only we could have seen Jack accidentally get his nose closed in the door.

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