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Young (Fake) Americans

Later, at the Spy House of Love, Syd and Vaughn are in the bathroom again, discussing the day's events. Syd's transmitter watch is totally dead. Vaughn says that protocol says they should try to contact the Apple Store in some way. But, they both agree, even if they had access to communications now that they're part of Liberty Village, if they're discovered while trying to communicate, they could wind up dead. Syd says their best bet is to remain undercover. Then she calls him over to her so she can attend to the wound on his head. If by "attend" you mean "kissing him all over his neck and then making out with him as if he has a piece of Kobe beef in his mouth and she hasn't eaten for weeks." They quickly move from making out on the edge of the tub to being buck nekkid in the shower. As they're kissing, Syd pulls back and says, "The story you told at the dealership -- we were supposed to go to Santa Barbara three years ago and we never made it." "Karen and Dave did," says Vaughn, and they go back to kissing beneath the shower spray. Aw.

Marshall's Den of Geekitude. Jack is following Marshall as he gibbers about looking for codes in Irina's books. Finally, he found something in Jack's inscription. "'Laura,'" says Marshall, quoting from the inscription, "'All my love, forever and a day…Jack.'" Jack looks like he just ate a habanero pepper and is looking for a place to hurl fire. Heh. "Really sweet," says Marshall. "I mean, that's a side of you I never really get to see, Mr. Bristow. I have to say…I like it." "I fail to see the relevance," snipes Jack. Hee. Marshall says that he ran an analysis of the ink and one of the periods in the ellipses contains ink that's different from the ink in the inscription. It was added after Jack wrote it. Irina encoded it with a microdot. So, Marshall magnified it with a microscope and discovered that the microdot was a protocol Irina used to contact one of her operatives. Someone important, given how detailed the message was. Irina was communicating with someone by the code name of "Sentinel." Jack tersely asks if they have copies of everything inside the book. Marshall says they do, but wonders aloud why they're giving it to the Russians. Jack says that "Sentinel" is a deceased operative and that it's a dead end. "The Russians can have it," says Jack. "Our priorities are Sydney and Vaughn." He walks off.

Spysteria Lane. Syd and Vaughn are in bed, sleeping. The door to their room opens and they both spring awake, Vaughn jumping out of bed and going to hit…Sergei. "Goooood," he says. "You're awake. We need to get you packed. You're going to America." Vaughn and Syd look very confused by this announcement, and yes, judging by the time of forty-eight minutes on my TiVo, I totally thought this was going to be a cliffhanger episode. It isn't, but I thought it was going to be. Doesn't matter. I have enough beer to feed a Scottish army and I'm going to put it to good use.

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