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Young (Fake) Americans

Apple Store. Sloane's in his office, talking to Syd and Vaughn on the video phone. He says that Russian authorities officially deny that American training ground ever existed within their borders. However, they've expressed their "gratitude" for the CIA's assistance in their "takedown" of the October Contingent. On a video screen in a plane far, far away, the video image of Sloane tells Syd and Vaughn that they did good work. Syd and Vaughn say thanks. We switch back to Sloane in his office. "So, Alexei made good on his promise," says Sloane to Jack, who's sitting across from him. "Which means our suspicions regarding 'Sentinel' are accurate," says Jack. "The Russians are searching for Elena Derevko." Jesus. There's ANOTHER Derevko? Shit. Now I have to go back through the recaps…yes. Another Derevko. And her name is, indeed, Elena. At least, according to closed captioning it is, anyway. "Yeah," says Sloane. "We will have to move up our timetable." Jack just nods. Just what are these two up to, anyway?

Plane of Spy Love. Syd says she's not really excited about returning to America for some reason. Vaughn says it was kind of nice not to have to be "us" for a while. He places his wedding ring down on the table. Syd removes her engagement ring and places it on top of his ring. "Well, I happen to like 'us,'" she says. "Even if we are a little cold." "And boring," quips Vaughn. "Don't forget boring." "How could I?" she says. "You know," says Vaughn, going all Bond on her ass, "we have operational command of this aircraft. The pilot could take us…anywhere we want." Syd smiles. "Our orders are to proceed with our extraction. If we were to divert this aircraft for our personal use, we could get into a lot of trouble." "Yes," says Vaughn, smirking at her. They both pause. "Wanna have dinner with me in Paris?" he asks. "Absolutely," she responds without hesitation. Hee. They kiss and the camera zooms in on their rings, mingled on the table. Aw.

Next week: Gee Dub speaks. Remind me to load up on grain alcohol and heroin for that event. But the week after, Syd gets bitten or something and goes mental. Trust me. She goes totally mental. And it's AWESOME.

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