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Young (Fake) Americans

Syd and Vaughn continue through the rest of the Spyneighbors and, well, I'm not going to bother making up names for all of them, okay? Suffice it to say, they're all former terrorists or spies or baddies and now they're wearing pearls and tweed jackets and pretending to be Americans. The final couple that Syd and Vaughn meet, the McSpyneighbors, just moved in a few days ago, so they're almost as new as Syd and Vaughn. Sergei introduces them to his wife, Diane, who happens to be the former interrogator at the Markova Detention Center. Diane has one of the doctored photos of Syd and Vaughn in her hand. It shows Syd and Vaughn in Rome. Diane then asks how long ago they were in Rome and Syd and Vaughn have to go into improvisation mode and chat about their fictional trip to Rome. They do a great job, but Sergei and Diane give them a critique right on the spot, saying they can do a lot better. "But don't worry," says Sergei, "we're not gonna kill you for a bad story." "Not on the first night anyway," says Diane, laughing fakely.

Apple Store. Sloane wants to know why the October Contingent is associating with known terrorists, mercenaries, and thieves. "More importantly," says Marshall, "why are they all dressed up like the Cleavers?" Heh. Dixon surmises that they're using the facility as a training ground for some upcoming operation. No, ya think? Actually, I think they're just planning a tenth anniversary party for Betty and Carl O'Spyering, and they want everything to turn out perfectly. Jack pipes up that there's no way a terrorist group could gain access to facilities like this without some sort of state sponsorship. Well…duh. I mean, unless Russia is in the habit of just…forgetting about huge training facilities on the outskirts of Moscow with the capability to turn out large numbers of Fake Americans for the sole purpose of infiltrating suburbs all over the United States. I'm thinking the Russians are a leeeetle more careful than that, Jack.

Sloane orders Jack to talk to Alexei and leaves the negotiations to his discretion. Well, that's never a good idea. Dix asks if they should hold off on the abort code and Sloane says they should, but that they should also keep a keen eye on the situation, as it could turn bad at any moment. Back on Spysteria Lane, Mrs. Spyneighborstein is handing Syd a big-ass casserole. "Just enjoy," says Mrs. Spyneighborstein. "We'll later go over the recipe." There's a distinct chill in the air and someone clears their throat. Mrs. Spyneighborstein looks nervous and then says, "We'll go over the recipe later." Heh.

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