All The Time In The World (2)

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This is the end. My foolish friends, the end.

Previously on Alias: Syd fell down a crevasse and go boom.

We begin this second half of the Alias series finale with a flashback to Sydney's childhood. There will be several of these flashbacks peppered throughout this episode, so you'd better get used to them. No, they really serve no purpose. Yes, they're kind of annoying. No, I don't think the writers could figure out how to end the show. Yes, I kind of want to load them onto a boat and sail them out to the middle of the Indian Ocean and tie chum to their ankles and just watch as Bruce the Shark forgoes his vow of meat abstinence and bellies up to the table with a shark-sized fork and goes to town.

But I'm not bitter.

So, anyway, flashback. Little Syd is in class with a bunch of other smartly dressed children. The teacher is going around, looking at the drawings the kids are making. Sydney's having difficulty with hers, so the teacher tells her to close her eyes and tell her the very first thing that pops into her mind when she asks her, "What do you want to be when you grow up?" We switch to the adult Sydney, lying in a pile of snow at the bottom of the crevasse. Her lips are seriously blue, and she's coated with "snowflakes." We get an aerial shot of her, and it looks like she's drifting in a swirl of foam. We hear ice creaking (thanks, closed captioning guys!) and then sirens wailing, and we head to L.A. to check in with Jack.

Jack tells Dix that Sloane's killed the twelve, and Dix remarks that Sloane's "solidifying power," whatever that means. Jack tells Dix to get Marshall and Rachel and meet up with him at the Spy Daddy Secret Storage Facility. Dix runs over to Rachel, and she's all spaced out and sad over Getty's untimely death. Dix tells her that they don't have time to mourn right now and that kind of shakes her out of it. Jack calls Sydney, but, of course, he gets no answer because Sydney's napping in a snow ditch. What, spies don't have voicemail? We hear Vaughn's voice calling her name and then see him descending from above. He runs over to her and sees that she has a large gash on her neck and lips the color of Maine blueberries. He immediately starts CPR, and we head back to the past.

Little Syd is scared of a storm outside and she's creeping around, looking for parental nurturing. Too bad she's in her own damn house, where parental nurturing is hard to come by. She comes around a corner and sees Jack, his Brown Hair of the Past firmly intact, talking to a large man in a trench coat. There are police lights flickering outside. Jack sees Little Syd and makes his way over to her. He kneels down and tells her that something's happened to her mom. As his voice cracks with emotion, he tells her about Irina's "death" and that he needs her to be strong for him right now. We then hear the adult Sydney gasping for breath and shoot back to the present where, surprise, surprise, she's not dead after all.

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