All The Time In The World (2)

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This is the end. My foolish friends, the end.

Meanwhile, Vaughn's ordering Sark to give him the override codes. Sark says he doesn't have them. So Vaughn shoots his leg. "AH!" screams Sark. "You shot me!" Hee. "Yeah," says Vaughn with a smile. "And I'll keep shooting you until you either give me the codes or bleed to death. Your choice." Heh. Vaughn's all badass now. Sark writhes around on the floor for a second or two before saying that he didn't want any of this. "Mass extermination isn't exactly my passion, Michael! I'm a businessman. You know? I simply wanted to come out on the winning end. Vaughn readies his gun. Sark winces and says that he'll give him the codes, but Vaughn will have to let him go after he hands them over. "Codes first, then we negotiate," says Vaughn. Sark obviously decides to hand them over because the next thing we know, Vaughn's on the phone to Marshall, giving him the codes. The missiles are effectively stopped. The world is saved.

Unfortunately, Irina's still alive.

She and Sydney struggle to get to their feet, and Irina says that she can't afford to have Sydney be such a complication in her life any longer. Irina knocks Sydney back down to the ground and says, "For what it's worth, I truly do love you." She has an odd way of showing it. She smacks Sydney again and is about to move in for the kill, when Sydney reaches deep inside herself and discovers a teeny tiny can of whup ass. She kicks Irina in the stomach and then delivers a spin kick, knocking Irina back onto a glass skylight. The glass slowly starts to crack.

We head back to check in on Jack and Sloane. Jack's leaning against a column, smiling quietly at his old nemesis/best buddy. Jack apologizes to Sloane for never giving his faith in Rambaldi the credit it deserved. Sloane says that he didn't want to shoot Jack, but Sydney forced his hand. "Yes," says Jack. "She can be very stubborn at times." "You're dying," says Sloane. "I can help you." Ah-ha. So here's the part where he wants him to drink from the Holy Grail of Rambaldi Juice. But Jack's not having any of it. "I don't want you help, Arvin," he snots. "You've caused my much pain. I could have prevented it. I won't continue to make that mistake." "I think you've overestimated your position, Jack," says Sloane. "You can't hurt me anymore." "True," says Jack, with a smile. "But I can keep you down here with me." Oh, no. Jack reveals that he has a string of plastic explosives in one hand and a detonator in the other. "What are you doing?" asks Sloane with panic in his voice. "You beat death, Arvin," smiles Jack. "But you couldn't beat me." BOOM! Oh holy god. They killed Spy Daddy!

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