All The Time In The World (2)

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This is the end. My foolish friends, the end.

Sydney visits Flashbackland again, for no reason other than to wax pathetic about her mother and show us all how adept she is at that stupid phallic puzzle thing we've all seen before. Little Syd is looking at pictures of her mother. She opens up a box and pulls out a piece of the puzzle. Before you can say "Project Christmas," Syd has that thing completely put together. Jack walks in as she's finishing and asks if she did this by herself. He looks concerned. Then he sits and pulls it apart and asks her to do it again. She does. He watches her with a mixture of pride and worry. When she finishes, he tells her that what she's been playing with is actually an indicator test. "People in my line of work use it to identify people who have a highly developed sense of three-dimensional reasoning," says Jack, totally forgetting that his daughter's not a sixty-year-old astrophysicist. "Very few people can do it. I can't do it. What it means, Sydney, is, you're a very special girl." You can say THAT again.

Later on, back in the present, Syd and Vaughn are at a safe house somewhere. Sydney tells Vaughn about some missiles that disappeared from a Moscow storage facility. She thinks it's Sloane but repeats what he said back in the cave about how it's too late to stop whatever has started. Syd worries that they can't find him because they don't have a single lead and they can't trust the CIA. Vaughn tells her to shut the hell up because she almost died, and that wound isn't getting any smaller. He proceeds to stitch it shut without benefit of anesthetic. Syd barely flinches. While he stitches her up, Syd wonders aloud why Sloane would steal the missiles; especially since he just effectively eliminated Prophet Five. He controls their assets, so he wouldn't steal missiles, he would just buy them on the black market. Syd says she thinks she knows how to find him. "We start with the money."

In voiceover, Syd says that if they can hack into the system, they can figure out who the payoffs went to. Jack visits a bank and does something to a computer, enabling Marshall to hack in. Syd then says that all they need after that is phone records. Rachel accomplishes this by doing a snatch-and-grab off some bald dude. Who he is, I don't know, but perhaps he's been receiving payoffs from Sloane. "If I'm right," says Syd, "they'll lead us right to Sloane. Or, at least, someone he's been working with." Dix messes with some wires in a basement somewhere and comes up with a satellite feed that shows Peyton nonchalantly walking into an elevator. Before the doors close, a hand interrupts them and it belongs to Vaughn. He looks at Peyton like, "Ha! Gotchya!" Dix shows up and stands coolly next to Vaughn. Peyton, for the first time, looks relatively nervous. Heh.

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