All The Time In The World (2)

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This is the end. My foolish friends, the end.

"You're talking to your dead daughter," quips Dead Nadia. "This is an odd time to question your sanity." Heh. She's one of those funny dead people. Sloane finally places The Sphere in its spot, and it lights up and starts spinning like an ancient disco ball. A red light that we can't see shines above it and illuminates Sloane's whack-ass crazy face. Before we can see what it is, we head outside, where Syd and Crew are approaching. They start shooting the shit out of the attending guards and all hell breaks lose. Syd makes a beeline for the chamber.

Then we see Sloane, standing before the dais, watching as a mini-Clifford spins above The Sphere. As it spins, it drips red liquid down onto The Sphere, which seems to collect it. What the liquid is, we don't know, but I'm going with Blood of Rambaldi. With this scene on pause, by the way, I can see that The Sphere is clearly housed between two stone pieces shaped like "<>". So, with The Sphere in place, it resembles the Rambaldi eye symbol. And I went back to Season Four and found this page from a recap where Sloane beats the crap out of some bald dude for being a dilettante and then he mentions immortality and...well, methinks we should have seen this one coming, y'all. Clearly, there are two Cliffords: one for turning people into a bunch of death-eating zombies and one for making you immortal. I guess. I don't know. I promised myself I wouldn't think too much during this finale!

"So that's it?" asks Dead Nadia. "All this time, that's what you wanted?" He tells her that this is what everybody's always wanted. "And I've found it." Just then, Syd finally makes it inside and she points her gun at Sloane for the gazillionth time. "It's over, Sloane," she says as he looks at her with crazy in his eyes. Outside, Vaughn takes down another guard and is about to check to see if he's dead when Sark walks up and points a gun at his head. "Correct me if I'm wrong, Mr. Vaughn," he snits, "but aren't you supposed to be dead?" Heh. I love him. Vaughn drops his gun immediately, and Sark shoves him off to the side. He's about to make good on Vaughn's promise of being dead, but Jack shows up and points a gun at his head. Then two of Sark's guys show up and point guns at Jack's head. "Well then," says Sark. "It appears that we have a predicament." You sure do.

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