All The Time In The World (2)

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This is the end. My foolish friends, the end.

Vaughn's still talking to Dix and finding out that the chopper will be arriving in a half hour. Jack totally doesn't have a half hour. Vaughn tells Dix that Sloane's dead and Sark got away and he has the artifact with him. "I think we know where he's going," says Dix. Syd tends to Jack's wounds, pressing a pad down on them and eliciting gasps from her father. Don't do that, Sydney! It hurts! Vaughn runs over and asks how Jack is doing, and Syd says she thinks the bullet penetrated his lung. "The" bullet? As if there's "one" and not "THREE"? This is the moment Vaughn chooses to share the news of the Hong Kong partner with Sydney. "We know who's behind this," says Vaughn.

We switch to a view of a white-clad elbow leaning on a chair arm. The camera travels up to a hand holding a phone to an ear as Sark says on the other end that he has the artifact and is on his way. The camera pans around and it's none other than Lena Fucking Olin holding the phone. "Good," she purrs. "See that it gets here intact." Oh, she really IS a bad mamma jamma.

After the four hundredth commercial break (for which I am eternally grateful), we return to the Hillside of Dying Daddies as Jack is getting the news that his ex-not-dead-wife is behind everything and that Sloane traded her the missiles for The Sphere. Vaughn says that Marshall's managed to access the launch protocol, but he can't shut them down. "She's in Hong Kong, preparing to strike as we speak," Vaughn finishes. "We have to stop her," says Jack. "Dad!" says Syd, practically laughing. "You're not going anywhere!" Jack orders Vaughn to ready the transport and Vaughn just does what he says. Syd pleads with Jack, telling him he's been shot in the chest and shouldn't be standing, let alone FLYING.

Sydney starts crying and losing her shit as Vaughn runs off to do Jack's bidding. Jack tries to calm her down, saying that if Irina's acquired missiles, she's for certain going to use them. This isn't a time for false threats. "You can't even stand up straight," sobs Syd, "how can you expect to confront mom?" "I'm not coming with you, Sydney," gasps Jack. Syd suddenly realizes that he intends to stay there and die. He tells her that she has to go to Hong Kong; there's no other way. She says she isn't leaving him. "You're the only one who can beat her," says Jack. "I can't," says Sydney. "You can," says Jack. "I never wanted this life for you, you know. I never wanted you to bear this kind of responsibility, but were a very difficult little girl. You were far too driven...far too strong to let someone like me stop you from becoming who you are."

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