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Blowin' In The Wind

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Blowin' In The Wind

What say the jury? The jury find French Stewart not guilty. Ally is all, "I think you deserved to lose, but got off because you have a big heart. Don't celebrate by buying her a gift." French walks over to his wife, and asks that he take her back, promising that he'll try to get some acting lessons...I mean, "some help." She says no, and sings, "Don't you come home no more, no more, no more, no more!" The piano and Ally are sad. French squints, and looks away.

The band at the bar whips into an up-tempo version of "Hit the Road, Jack," as we zoom over Boston at night. Finally, DRINK!

Richard and Ray tell Glenn he should only be concerned over whether the sex is good for him. They clink beer bottles, as Glenn looks confused.

Elaine and Ally ask questions about the chair. Is it really that good? Nelle, Corretta, and Jenny put their heads together and nod. Ally leaves, saying she has a date with herself. Everyone looks at everyone else, then shrugs.

Ally leaves the bar, grabs a plaid hat out of the wind, and squishes it on her head. Vonda starts singing "Blowin' on the Wind." Ally stomps toward her house. The sign says "SOLD" now. She goggles at the nice new paint job. It does look good. The coat rack makes her really verklempt. She ceremoniously hangs her coat on it. Vonda sings on. Ally leans on, then slides down the wall, happy to be in her own, nice house. I hope the paint has dried! Otherwise, she'd get all smeary.

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