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Blue Christmas

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Blue Christmas

The judge begins the decision by saying that she is worried about the kind of person that Elaine is because of the stories she's heard. But of course, in cases of character she looks to the people who know her, and if the petitioner lives up even slightly to the testimony of her lawyer and friend, then she has no doubt that Elaine will be a suitable temporary guardian. After several "Oh my God"'s they realize that they can go home. Instead they go back to the club. Suitable parent. Elaine is upstairs at the firm, however, because it was too loud for the baby. Ally and John celebrate with a toast as Billy dances with the Pretty Assistant and Ling dances with Margaret. Elaine is changing Elliot's diaper. She's wearing science goggles. Elliot streams his pee on her and she turns on the wipers on the goggles. She says she'll split the profits with him seventy/thirty. A large group of people enters the room. Elaine takes off the goggles. The girl in front says that her name is Lynn Hart and that is her son. Elaine touches the baby and starts panting.

Ally consoles Elaine and tries to keep her from fainting. John walks in and says that Lynn is a single mother who goes to Emerson and had some sort of post-partum depression thing and left the baby in the manger, but she stayed close by and watched Elaine pick up the baby. She's been parked outside of Elaine's apartment watching her take care of him. She was even at the court trial. John says that if Lynn moves back in with her parents and they assume guardianship with her then they can take the baby back. Ling busts in with a recent court case where the guardian got to keep the baby because the biological mother abandoned the child. Elaine wants to fight. Ling says they might not win. The entire firm offers to help, but John asks for a minute alone with Elaine and Ally. He says that the case Ling's cited does give them some support, but with the post-partum thing they will say she didn't intentionally give up the child. He says that it will be a long fight and that Elliot will be older when he has to leave if she loses. If she wins, one day she'll have to tell Elliot that she went to court to take him away from his biological mother. He says that he doesn't know if it's in Elliot's best interest to fight this case. "If it's more about your wants, then it's selfish." Ally says that if Lynn were a fit parent she wouldn't have dropped him in a manger. John says his sense is that they aren't dealing with bad people. He says that the firm will support whatever decision Elaine makes. She stands up and goes into the other room. She takes Elliot from Nelle and walks over to Lynn. "What's his name?" "Alan. Alan Matthew Hart." "How do I know you won't abandon him again?" Lynn says she didn't really abandon him this time, and when she saw Alan in Elaine's arms she thought that maybe he was better off, but she can't go living without her son. She's getting help with her "depression problems." She's just sorry for causing Elaine such hurt. The baby starts whimpering and for a few minutes that's the only sound. Elaine kisses the top of the baby's head and passes him over to Lynn. Lynn has tears. Elaine has tears as she says, "I love you." She leaves and goes back into the other room. Nelle has tears. John has tears. Close-up on Ally as she wipes a tear away. Billy has tears. The large group of people (including the police) gets in the elevator and leaves without a word. A group shot of everyone else standing in silence. Fade to black.

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