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Blue Christmas

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Blue Christmas

Another social worker is also questioning Richard, but this week's Silly Gag Prop is interrupting their conversation. In this case, it's a lamp that continues to fall into the space between Richard and the social worker. Richard drones that no one is really fit to be a parent, and that everyone is allowed to have a kid, as long as they can procreate, even if that isn't the best thing for a child, and besides, "It takes a village." The Social Worker is like, "Great. Can I do my job now?" Richard says that he thinks that some of the most "irresponsible" people in this situation are the girls who "let themselves get pregnant. Talking about the teenagers, some using drugs. Why does the law presume their automatic fitness to parent? Is it simply because the baby passes through their cervix on the way out? What kind of litmus is that? Tell me." I'll tell you. It's her kid. Hey, David E. Kelley! Yo, asshole! Teenage girls aren't just lying around "letting themselves get pregnant!" A girl can get raped. A girl can be told that she is completely loved, and then get DUMPED when she does get pregnant, even when the boy says that he'll stay with the girl no matter what. A girl can get tricked into thinking that her partner is being safe. A girl might not be educated on how girls get pregnant, or how to take or use birth control. A girl could use birth control, but it isn't 100% effective. What about the boy who "lets his girlfriend get pregnant," huh? What about the boy? Couldn't he take care of the baby? Why does the girl have to give her kid up for adoption or abandon him in the first place? Because she's scared and confused and schools don't want to deal with her and the boy gets scared too and the two of them just know that if they get rid of the baby, then they won't get in trouble. And if that girl thinks about what she's done and she wants their baby, then that's her baby. Those are her genes. The baby was in her body.

Oh, sorry. I "let myself" get pissed.

David E. Kelley didn't even write a response to that piggish question, so we move on to the court case, where Margaret is saying that you can't say exactly when the child bonds, but that right now, the best thing is to have the child stay with Elaine because she seems to be a good mother and babies don't like to have their lives disrupted. It's best to let a baby have some sense of normalcy -- routine. Mr. BIOTC tries to talk about the baby, but Margaret insists on having him refer to the child as "Elliot." It's not his name yet, but whatever. Mr. BIOTC brings up the point that it should be in the child's best interests to be with the most suitable parent, and not necessarily the person who found him? Wouldn't Elliot be able to bond with the next mother? Won't the disruption be so short and at such a young age that it won't leave any lasting scars? Margaret agrees. Ally and John look discouraged.

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