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Boy Next Door

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Boy Next Door

In his hospital bed, John is very sad.

The choir picks up and the audience has a hard time keeping up with the clapping. The song comes to a crescendo and then slows down for the lead to sing, "Don't want to die uneasy. Just let me go naturally. And when I die, when I'm dead, dead and gone, there'll be one child born in a world to carry on." The camera pans up to the window. Everyone is very sad. I'm still holding on, though.

But here's where I lose it. Vonda aside, they've picked a song that kills me. Carole King's "Home Again" begins playing as Ally walks up in the dark to Billy's headstone. So I'm bawling now, okay? There you go. But it's only because I'm thinking about my mommy. Georgia walks up to the headstone and joins Ally. They look at each other and back at the headstone. They hold each other. Pan up and end of episode.

And there's nothing I can say that's funny about that.

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