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Boy Next Door

"...a contract." The lawyer says that in this case Angela didn't represent who she really was. His client considers the body to be God's work. A temple. And in this case, she rebuilt her temple and changed what God intended her to be. How is she supposed to explain to her children that they should love their bodies when she changed hers? He says that this kind of "overhaul" says something about a person, and that wasn't the person Religious McBadhusband thought he was marrying.

Billy starts his closing statement by saying that nobody marries the person they think they are marrying. People change: "Point is, you take your partner for better or worse." Billy makes several points about people ruining the sanctity of marriage and with each one he snaps his fingers and says, "Boom!" He points out (or, shouts out, as it were, since this show is on FOX) the Who Wants to Marry a Multi-Millionaire show as an example of the degradation of marriage. He then turns to Ally and quietly asks if that show was really on or if he hallucinated it. Ally quietly tells him it happened. "Where the hell is the sanctity?" Billy whips back around. "It's supposed to mean something." Billy goes on about how marriage shouldn't be about what you can get out of it: "It's supposed..." He turns and stares at Ally. "You see that woman? I've been married to her for twelve years. And every day I go home to her and our kids. It's everything. It's so everything." Ally is stunned. The judge asks him to get back on track. "What I'm trying to say. In the end. Love is the only thing that counts." He turns back to Ally: "I've loved her since I was eight years old. We've never been apart. Not a single day. And I will love her for all my days. And that's all that counts. It's all that will ever count. All of my heart. Forever." Ally smiles and Billy gets a distant look. He says that he needs to rest. He sits down on the floor and falls back. There is much commotion as Ally runs to Billy and yells that he's stopped breathing. The judge doesn't even leave his bench to shout, "Get the paramedic!" and people mostly stand and gasp and no one offers to do CPR and Ally sorta mushy-pushes on Billy's chest for a few seconds, but really tries the mouth-to-mouth thing. She then gets very upset and starts shouting at him to breathe and then real words aren't really coming out of her mouth anymore and it's mostly noises and the sound of fear and sadness and (okayit'sactuallyprettygood). People are still milling around the courtroom and Ally is just lying on Billy and kissing his chin and crying to him. Fade to white.

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