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Boy Next Door

It's because Georgia has walked into the room. Billy is gone. Ally composes herself and says hello. She asks how Georgia is doing. She says she's still numb. She asks if Ally knows about the service. They agree to keep the service "peppy," and that he would want everyone to laugh. There's a moment where Georgia gets a bit distant and you can tell that she's wondering how she's going to be written off the show. She asks Ally if he went peacefully. Ally, in a rare expression of compassion, says that as she went to him he said, "Tell Georgia I love her." This makes Georgia very happy, and the tears start coming. They pull themselves together and say they will plan a fun funeral.

Church. Funeral. The preacher tells a story about running into a man on the street shouting into the air that he hates God. When the preacher asked why he was doing that, the man responded, "Hey, at least I believe in him." He says some days that's all you can do. This is one of those days. The Palmer Girls are there. And yes, they're wearing what you'd think they were wearing. As the preacher goes on about Billy's life, Ally has more dancing memories to Vonda's massacre. The preacher calls Ally to speak, but she's still somewhere else. Richard tells her she's up. As Ally stands, she gives a sharp inhale. She's run into Billy. He smiles at her and his polka dot tie gives a wink. She smiles and walks through him and for a second I thought she was going to have a Poltergeist moment where she would shout about how she could smell him or feel him, but instead she just gets up to speak: "I've heard it said that as you're about to pass into the next world that the final truth of this world hits you. And the last thing Billy spoke about, right before he sat down in the courthouse, was love. How it was all that mattered. He, um, he seemed so lost in these last few months, but looking at him in the courthouse right before he died, he suddenly seemed so found. He, he um, said to me recently, he said, "It's stronger than death.' And I wasn't sure what he meant. Now I am. When we were little we, we would talk about this day. Actually we would sing about it. He would sing this song. 'And when I die, and when I'm gone, there'll be one child born, in the world to carry on.' And that child, that, that child has big shoes to fill." She looks upward. "Billy Thomas. With all of my heart. Forever." Nelle tries not to cry. Ally smiles and says, "Oh, and, for Heaven..." She punches her fist and the choir picks up with, "There's a new man in town" and for the first time all season I don't hate it. I'm getting soft. Everyone is in tears, but they get up to dance and sway and clap. Georgia, however, doesn't really look like she's in peace at all. The Palmer Girls get up to do moves as well. The preacher is wiggling.

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