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All Day [Men] Dream About Sex?

Richard and John enjoy martinis and cigars in the room behind the stall. John confides that he doesn't think things will work out between and Melanie and himself. Richard feels the same way about his relationship with Ling, and says, "You thought it was time to show me your hole." Then he says "Mamboquette," and sentimental music plays. If we have to see Tom Jones kissing Barry White, I'm leaving.

Vonda sings as Mark and Elaine dance. Renee sits at a small table with Jackson and asks him whether this thing between him and Ling is over or not. Jackson claims that it is. Ling sits by Ally and acts jealous. Elaine walks up and gushes to Ally that her relationship with Mark seems to be a real one. She doesn't have a clue about men, besides their need for sex. Ally gives Elaine advice as if anyone should believe or give a shit about what she has to say. Vonda sings louder. Ling is still mooning over Jackson. Get over it, Ling. It was just a freaking one-night-stand. Plus, the guy's last name is Duper. That's reason enough never to want sex with him again, as far as I'm concerned. This storyline is wack, y'all.

John and Richard play catch. I guess their hot sex takes place off screen.

Next week: Ally "accidentally" climbs into Renee's bed next to Jackson, and then exclaims over his penis. Larry returns in a haze of light with Enya-esque music in the background.

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