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Car Wash

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Car Wash

In roll the credits with their zillion shots of Ally and two shots of everyone else. Why is Vonda Shepard still among them? What does she do besides sit behind a piano for five seconds per episode? Not to be shallow, but I notice Gil Bellows has less hair this season.

eToys wants me to believe that giving them my money will make me a good parent. I prefer to prove my love at Everything's a Dollar.

The commercials are over. Ally walks into the office wearing a jacket and what looks like the same undershirt from the car wash scene. Her hair is blonder than it used to be. Ling walks up and tells Ally that she's having a dinner party and that she wasn't planning on inviting Ally, but that she can make room if Ally's feelings are going to be hurt. Ally replies in a lamely sarcastic manner. She turns and is accosted by Richard, who has a job for her involving an important client's daughter and sensitive subject matter. He ushers her into a room with Reesa, played by Tracy Middendorf, who used to play Carrie on Days of Our Lives before it became Dark Shadows, and who was also in the episode of Beverly Hills 90210 where Brenda auditioned for Cat On a Hot Tin Roof. Tracy is a way, way better actress than Calista. Reesa is distraught. Ally brusquely questions her and finds out that Reesa is supposed to be married that weekend. However, Reesa's minister caught her having sex with a man other than her fiancé, and now he's refusing to perform the service. Ally doesn't know if she can sue a minister into marrying someone, but she'll see what she can do. Reesa is freaking out because she really wants to save her wedding and keep her family from finding out what she did. She's not a promiscuous person! Honest! She just did it as a bachelorette-party sort of thing!

Richard, Billy, Georgia, and John are discussing Reesa's business, which has just been blabbed to them by Ally. Georgia wants to know what kind of woman has an affair a week before her wedding. Richard points out that most women wait until after it. John starts to say that he is troubled by the recent rash of promiscuous women, and like a dummy, Ally says "JOHN!" and causes Richard to ask, "Is Ally having sex?" Ally tells him that she's NOT. Then she tries to look daggers at John with her eyes, but they have to express this with computer-generated imaging, because the best she can do is stare at him as if he's a strange bug she found on her sandwich. She goes off with Richard to court. John rubs his temples. Billy and Georgia exchange raised-eyebrow-and-smirk faces. I wonder why. I can see why Georgia would be glad; maybe Billy's just glad that his subplot with Ally is finally over.

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