Ally McBeal
Do You Wanna Dance?

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Do You Wanna Dance?

At the bar (THE bar, I mean) Ally ascertains that Selig made up that crap about gophering and Pope Paul. Who cares? Across the room, John tells Richard, Renee, and assorted others that Nelle is "a rich-bitch, cold-hearted, ice queen, elitist snob, vicious witch. On a good day. And a tight-wad cheap-ass, too. I paid for everything." Well, golly. We all know that a woman like that doesn't deserve a rich-dick, talentless hack, misogynist, penis-size-compensating, malicious twit, don't we? Renee asks John to dance. Ally dances with Selig. Elaine grinds her ass against Richard's crotch in time to the music. Mark sits in a remote corner, watching Ally like a stalker. Aw!

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Ally McBeal




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