Ally McBeal
Falling Up

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A door's shut, a window's open; the house still stinks.

Vonda sings another song as Renee and Jackson have lunch. Ling sits somewhere vague and picks up the phone. Then she puts it down again. John rubs at his forehead in his hole. Elaine and Mark dance together onstage and look like they're having a good time. Ally, wearing the snowman's hat and glasses, helps Larry dismantle the snowman. Then they stop so they can kiss. Melanie, her eyes red, walks and tics slowly down the snowy sidewalk. At the very end, she tics her hand up, sort of like she's waving goodbye. I think it would have been better if she'd done it with her middle finger, though. Next week: no show. Woo -- I mean...Aw, man!

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Ally McBeal




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