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Richard asks Cindy if she takes Rick to be her husband, as the whole firm looks on. When Cindy says "I do," annoying Melanie makes a loud, annoying noise. As a clever person astutely pointed out on the forums, Melanie only seems to yell out insults when she's in court. Otherwise, she only squeals a little. I can't believe the writers missed this opportunity to make her shout "Penises!" or "Gay guys!" or something like that. "Then by the powers of me, Richard Fish, rich attorney with his own firm..." Richard says before declaring Cindy and Rick man and wife. Rick kisses the bride, and then Richard asks to kiss her too, stipulating, "No tongue." They kiss. John tells Melanie that he's still waiting for a little hello kiss from her. Melanie makes a big production of dipping him and kissing him, because the tic thing wasn't distracting enough, I guess. "Is she a bigger slut than me?" Elaine demands of Mark. "No," Mark assures her. John's nose has to whistle because he knows that I hate that.

Next we see Cindy dancing with Rick at The Bar as Mark looks on sourly. Nelle sits next to Mark and the two of them slug back shots. Across from them, Renee and Ally discuss Larry's inability to say goodbye. Ally realizes that Vonda's singing that song that goes, "I know one thing about love." (No, I don't know the name of it, and I don't care, so don't whine about it on the forum unless you enjoy being ignored.) Larry knows that that's her theme song, Ally says. He must have requested this song as his goodbye note to her! Damn, how many theme songs does Ally have? Elaine runs up, just like in the conference room, and tells Ally that Larry's waiting in a car outside. Nelle says, "Great. He's leaving you skid marks. There's a note for you." She and Mark throw back another one and Ally stares at them in a put-upon way.

Outside, Larry explains that Sam was the one who wanted to say goodbye. Sam does so, and then rolls up his window so that Ally and Larry can "smooch." Larry sadly tells Ally to remember the horrible song he wrote for her, and not to forget him. They hug and squinch their faces up. Ally grabs Larry's tie as he pulls away. Then he escapes into the car and leaves her all sad with her hair in her face. After that, there's only one thing left for her to do: she walks down the sidewalk and experiences a flashback sequence while Larry and Vonda sing the song he wrote, which was actually written by master lyricist Bob Seger. Thanks again to the forum poster who pointed that out to me -- it meant so much. Ally reaches her apartment building and finds an elaborate snowman with a note attached to his chest. The note says, "I'll be back," and has a big happy face. Ally sits on the steps and laughs bittersweetly.

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