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The Heart of an Artichoke

Hospital. Serena's there with Ray, Richard, and the Dame. No doctors, though. They want to put the heart in tonight, "while it's still viable." Serena says she doesn't know if she wants it, now. "Not like this!" Dame Edna is all, "He faced death, so you wouldn't have to. He gave you his heart!" Um, Serena? You're still going to die, sweetie. We're all going to die. It happens. And don't be so stupid to actually think about the horrible fact that your dad blew his brains out in a hospital reception area because he thought a court would decide that Serena would have to wait for a heart, like everyone else on the donor recipient list, instead of taking a heart from a still-living convicted killer. Just TAKE THE HEART. Aunt Carol enters, and is all, TAKE THE HEART. Some guitar plays, and JBJ sings "I Hope That I Don't Fall In Love With You," by Tom Waits.

Now, we're at Ally's sofa, where she and JBJ are quasi-snuggling. Ew, we get some heart-transplant footage. Dame Edna and Ray and Richard and Aunt Carol watch. Ally and JBJ do not have sex. The end.

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