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I Will Survive

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I Will Survive

Ling is crying uncontrollably and blowing her nose. We see an uninterested-looking woman, and then the eye-rolling therapist, and then quizzical-looking Mark. Ling abruptly stops and asks the woman if she can cry like that. The woman says something unintelligible. "You killed a man, Nora," says Ling, who then turns and asks if the therapist has any crying tricks she can teach her client. The therapist is indignant. Mark leans over to get something from the table, I guess, and Ling demands, "What are you looking at?" Then she grabs a framed photo of Billy and slams it on the table. She tells Nora that he died from a brain tumor the week before. "That's SAD. You feel like crying yet?" she asks. Mark is visibly tripping out. "What?" Ling says. "This is new to me...telling clients to cry," he says. Ally flounces in and asks what's going on. Mark explains that Ling is coaching Nora to lie in court. Ling corrects him -- she's coaching Nora to embellish. "You people are gonna get me off, right? I can't be spendin' my life in jail!" says Nora. Ally starts hearing a disco beat. She puts her hands to her temples and leaves the office. MAN, I hope she has a brain tumor.

Ally goes up to Elaine, who gives her a cassette from John. Ally asks if Elaine hears the disco beat. "Boom, boom, boom," she illustrates. Elaine starts dancing. "You hear it?" asks Ally, all happy. "A disco bass beat?" clarifies Elaine, really getting into her moves. "Yes. You hear it?" says Ally. "No," says Elaine, who stops dancing and walks away.

The prosecuting attorney questions the physical therapist of Nora's late husband, who ended up having an affair with him. The physical therapist describes, with her British accent, what happened when Nora caught her and the husband in bed. Nora beat the guy with his prosthetic leg and then chased him and tripped him. He fell down a flight of stairs and died. Ally cross-examines, trying to get the woman to say that Nora was irrational or temporarily insane. She's unsuccessful and sits down. Mark gets up and tells the witness, "You must have been scared yourself by all this." He has her say that she was terrified and shocked. Then he thanks her as if he just saved the case or something.

Ally, Mark, Ling, Nora, and Nora's therapist enter a little courthouse room. Ally asks Mark why he undermined her by re-questioning the witness. Mark says something about assessing the witness's shock and possible misconstruing of events. "I am first chair on this case," Ally says, all pissed off. "I'm just taking Billy's place," says Mark, taking his shoe off to put his foot in his mouth. "No, no, you are never gonna take Billy's place. Don't even think about taking Billy's place!" Everyone's silent because they've sadly realized that this case will be all about Ally, not Nora.

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