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I Will Survive

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I Will Survive

Back in her office, Ally throws rocks into a fish bowl. Richard comes in and asks how "he's" doing. Ally assumes she means Billy and says that he's "dead, for God's sake." Oh, shut up, Ally. Richard meant Mark. Ally still doesn't know why Richard hired Mark. Richard says that the firm needs to keep moving forward. He knows how to run a law firm, and they can't get behind on their work. Ally peevishly says "okay" as he leaves.

On the witness stand, Nora is angrily telling the court about how she walked into her "very own bedroom" and saw her husband making love to another woman. Ling questions her, all the while signaling for her to say the lines they'd presumably rehearsed beforehand. Nora does such a horrible job of remembering and reciting her testimony that she draws suspicion from the judge and prosecutor. The scene is supposed to be funny but it's only annoying. Ling tries to save the case by crying, herself. She tells the judge that in her culture, infidelity is worse than death. She honks into her hankerchief, inspiring a few fake sobs from Nora. The prosecutor rolls his eyes and Mark looks chagrined.

Ling and Ally are in the little side room again. Mark follows them in, slamming the door. "What the hell was that?" he asks Ling. He says that she sounded like a game-show contestant. "Hey, hey, hey!" replies Ling. Mark starts to say that he's not going to have a trial of his compromised. Ally sticks her finger in his face and asked when it became his trial. "When I saw the clown act you two girls..." says Mark. Ally tells him he's off the case. He says he'll throw her off. She yells, "Get out!" He says he realized that someone died on them, and then Ally cuts him off. She screams, "You stop -- ah wah wah! Ah wah wah...!" Mark's yelling "All right!" Ally gasps and covers her mouth. There's a moment of quiet before Mark apologizes. He says there's obviously a reason that Richard put him on the case. Ally gets a grip on herself and says that they're fine without his help. Then the drama of this scene is absolutely ruined by Ally hallucinating the disco beat again. She waves her hand and yells "Quiet!" Ling asks if she's okay. She says she's fine and stomps off. Ling tells Mark, "Nobody likes you yet," and stomps off after Ally. Mark looks sorry that he ever took this job. I think Ally should take some time off if Billy's death is still affecting her so strongly. Then again, she's always unprofessional and insane.

Back at Fish & Cage, Elaine asks Nelle why she's meeting with "Cindy Snell" or someone. Nelle says she's covering John's clients for him. Elaine points out that Cindy is Ally's client. Nelle tries to play it off like she was confused and asks Elaine to cancel the meeting. Elaine can't because Cindy's already waiting in Nelle's office. Nelle takes off to meet with her. Elaine is suspicious.

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