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What a Clone. What a Maroon.

Song Montage. Vonda sings "Only You." Her singing still annoys me after all these years. Jackson walks up to Ling at The Bar's bar and asks if she goes there often. She laughs at his terrible opening line and then they dance. Larry checks his email on his laptop while Ally rubs his feet, looking alternately disgusted and smirky. Jackson and Ling dance some more.

The Sidewalk. The song montage which usually wraps up the show is brusquely cast aside as Richard asks John whether he wants to go to The Bar. John wants to go home and be alone with Barry. Richard excuses the insanity, expressing jealousy over John's ability to "conjure something up when the real world disappoints." Talk about your déjà-vu bygones, huh? John should have said, "Why, that's exactly what I told Ally when she was hallucinating Al Green last season. Or maybe someone else told her that. I don't know -- the themes on this show are so repetitive that I forget." Richard and John do the Stayin' Alive strut down the sidewalk, forcing me to give this episode a grade of C+ instead of B as the screen fades to black.

Next week: Ally whines about her birthday. Sting, Paul Reubens, Cheri Oteri, and Cindy Margolis do cameos.

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