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In Search Of Pygmies

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In Search Of Pygmies

In the side room, Ling is asking Marty why he pulled a stunt like that. He says that everyone was looking at him and he couldn't let them down; they need to believe in the pygmies. Ling says that everyone is going along with the game because it's fun. Marty says that his fellow residents need him to believe. John says that either he gets evicted, or they can't have that world again. Ling figures out that Marty isn't pretending, and that he's actually seeing the creatures. Don't let this guy near Ally. Glance from Richard. Glance from John. Glance from Marty. Glance from Ling. The oboe glances my way as we fade to commercial.

Ling, Richard and John ask the judge to come to the retirement home to see how Marty is with the residents. The judge reluctantly agrees to one half-hour.

Ally meets Eyehair in her office and tells him that she doesn't want to see him anymore. Cue the Obnoxious Laugh. He says she almost got him. "He thinks I'm joking," she says to no one. "Dennis! I'm dying!" she shouts at him. "What?" he asks. "I'm not actually dying, I just wanted you to stop laughing," she says, and adds that she's serious. Eyehair asks why she doesn't want to see him anymore. She tries to avoid the answer but he keeps asking her. "Okay. I think you have a really horrible, obnoxious, disgusting laugh," she finally admits. Way to let a brother down easy, Al. She says that it's not a big deal because he works in cancer: "Who needs to laugh?" He says he always thought he had a very infectious laugh. "Well, it gets in there, if that's what you mean," she agrees. She says that if she were his friend, she "would tell [him] to never laugh again for the rest of [his] life." Eyehair points out that she was desperate enough to run into him with her car but not desperate enough to put up with him. He laughs. She says that nothing is funny. He says goodbye and walks out laughing, so that Ally can get a good glance in.

Marty plays a song on the piano about how they were once young and in love. Everyone watches Marty sing. Lucy says that she doesn't deny his popularity or that he's a good guy, it's just that he makes things difficult and she has a responsibility to the other patients. Everyone is lulled by his music. The judge walks out with the others and says that even if he could try and keep Marty in the home, ultimately it's up to Lucy, and what she thinks is best is best. Lucy tells Ling that she loves Marty as much as Ling does. The lights then go out. Lucy says that it's time for them to hunt pygmies. The residents walk out with flashlights. Ling pulls Marty over and says that things are getting too complicated and that she wants him to live with her. They say he can visit all the time, but for right now she wants him to take care of her because there are dragons all over her neighborhood. Marty asks who is going to take care of the residents now. Cue the glance cam. Glancing. Glancing. Oboe.

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