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In Search Of Pygmies

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In Search Of Pygmies

Ling walks into Marty's room with Richard and John. She asks to have some time with him. She sits next to him and says her good-byes with a prayer and a song. She says she hopes she's doing the right thing. "You wouldn't want to live like this." She says she'll watch over the others at the home if he watches over her. "Tell God to be good." She stands up and kisses his head. "I love you forever," she says. The Plug Nurse walks in and turns off the switches. It's a pretty quiet ending. Everyone stares at nothing for a long time. Ling cries. The residents walk the hallways as we hear Vonda ruin Marty's song for the last time.

I can't joke about the elderly hallucinating and getting killed by cars. What kind of a person do you think I am? But I find it odd that they put the Ally-hit-someone-with-her-car subplot in. Oh, here's something. Instead of just ending the episode, we have the "Ling and Marty dance" montage, which is only a few seconds, since that's the only time we saw them dance. Ling does the Ally walk down the street, crossing it right where he died. Fade to black.

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